City Council Study Session 10 July 2018 – Ensor Property P4, Air BnBs

City Council Study Session                10 July 2018           Citizen Minutes


ID18-222 Preliminary Project Plan for “Parkland” – 33 acres of what is commonly referred to as the Ensor property.

To remind you of the P4 process…. it is an optional step that developers can take to test the waters for what they have planned for development/redevelopment.   Staff presents an overview of what the developer wants in the way of zoning changes and council responds.  This went to Planning Commission previously and there wasn’t a kind remark made about the proposed project.   City Council wasn’t as critical.

 Debbie Brinkman started by telling the council that this was a different situation – usually interested parties sign a contract contingent on new zoning being approved before consummating the sale.  In this instance the Ensor family sold the land to Evergreen.  This P4 went to Planning Commission on June 25 and the applicant has made subsequent minor edits.  Continue reading


City Council Study Session June 26, 2018 – Sales Tax Code

City Council Study Session               June 26, 2018.    Citizen Minutes

Karina Elrod was absent.

This meeting was almost over before it started so not much to report.

18-209 – Recommendations for administrative amendments to the Sales Tax Code

Staff is updating the code and this appears to be the first round of amendments.  They want city treasurer with finance director, update the enforcement provisions, and organize the code in a more topical manner.

ID# 18-216 – Review of drainage easements on the Cooley Lake property for the Wild Plum Subdivision for proposed resolution – the new development needs drainage easements

ID# 18-208 Report from City Attorney

City Council Regular Meeting June 5, 2018 – New Generation & Air B&Bs

City Council Regular Meeting                    June 5, 2018               Citizen Minutes

Public Comment

Bobby Sheffield announced that the South Metro Land Conservancy was celebrating 25 years of saving open space in Arapahoe County.

Carl Tomasetti was in favor of the creation of a Next Gen Advisory Board to advise council on policy for their perspective. Continue reading

Belleview Corridor Plan – Draft dated June 6, 2018


City Council Study Session – 22 May 2018 – Belleview Corridor/Charter Changes

City Council Study Session.       22 May 2018.         Citizen Minutes

Review of the draft Belleview Corridor Plan

Three individuals from Clarion Associates presented the draft plan to council.  The plan is to provide a guide for future land use decisions and improvements.   The vision principles are:

  1. Create a more distinct identity for Belleview
  2. Improve mobility and safety
  3. Protect and reinvest in corridor neighborhoods
  4. Support existing businesses and revitalize underutilized properties
  5. Create more gathering places for people

Continue reading

City Council Regular Meeting 5/15/2018

City Council Regular Meeting         15 May 2018        Citizen Minutes

Public Comment

Pam Chadbourne commented on the Citizen’s Guide to Public Meetings.  She has been watching council meetings since 2010 and Littleton.  Continue reading

City Council Study Session 5/8/2018 – Littleton

Council Study Session8 May 2018Citizen Minutes

Preliminary Project Plan process for “Littleton Retirement Residences” Parcel H, Tract 1, Littleton Village, Littleton CO

This is the first time the P4 Process has been used.   The idea is to allow the applicant to be heard, through staff, about a project before they spend lots of time and money on a project only to be rejected.  Staff will speak on their behalf in very basic terms about what they want to develop and allow council to ask questions and respond with the hopes that the applicant will learn of possible concerns and issues.  Update:  The developer, as a result of the study session, has decided not to build. Continue reading