Follow The Money – C4LF and Their Biased Endorsements!

On September 26th Susan Thornton, Flo Bullock, and Karen Kaplan representing Citizens 4 Littleton’s Future endorsed Amy Conklin, Tony Gallagher for At-Large council seats and Cindy Christiansen and Bruce Stahlman for District 4 and 2 respectively. Their endorsement appears to have been based on a survey and interviews with the 8 candidates.  However sincere their endorsement appears it is anything but fair and unbiased. For the best proof of their bias one only has to follow the money trail.  The record shows the following: 

Flo Bullock is a financial contributor to C4LF, Conklin, Christensen and Stahlman

The Kaplans contributed to C4LF, Conklin and Christensen

Susan Thornton did not contribute to C4LF but did contribute to Conklin, Christensen and Stahlman’s campaigns – Thornton distributed the endorsement notice as the spokesperson for C4LF. 

Other notable contributions that cut through the C4LF and their endorsed candidate’s campaigns are: 

Richard Cronenberger contributed to the C4LF, Conklin, Christensen and Stahlman

Jim Collins contributed to C4LF and the Conklin campaign

JimSaunders contributed to C4LF, Conklin, Christensen and Stahlman 

Another notable contributor to the C4LF ($550), Conklin ($600), and Christensen ($50) are the contributions from Harold and Diane Smethills.  In a Denver Post article Harold Smethills is referred to as someone “who hopes to someday develop a 2,200-acre community in northwest Douglas County.”  (Denver Post 3/4/07) This property is known as the Sterling Ranch and is located south of Titan Road.  There has been discussion about the possibility of annexing this property into Littleton.  It appears that since the Smethills do not live in Littleton but are major contributors to the C4LF and Conklin’s campaigns that they soon expect to be part of Littleton.  Could that be what Citizens 4 Littleton’s Future see as the future for Littleton? 

I have posted all the candidate’s campaign reports on  Please go to the website and see who else has contributed to C4LF and the candidates they have endorsed.  I have included the dates the contributions were recorded and you will see that mostif not all of the contributions to the candidates by the members of C4LF occurred prior to their endorsement.  Yet, they want us to believe they were unbiased in making their selections. I have no problem with a group endorsing candidates.  In fact, I am a contributor to a group called Citizens for Littleton First.  What makes our group different is we focus on issues and the group has been on the side of the voting public on each of the four issues we were involved.  We do not endorse candidates because we know we are biased.  Instead, we are working to get Doug Clark, Peggy Cole, Debbie Brinkman and Jose Trujillo elected.   

Don’t be fooled by their “endorsements”.  If their endorsed candidates are elected we will have nothing more than the same – council decisions that run counter to the voting public.   

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