Amy Conklin’s Record – Posted with Permission of Citizens for a Responsible Littleton

Amy Conklin’s Record 

Amy Conklin is running for re-election as an at-large candidate for the City Council.  She is out of touch with the citizens of Littleton, she does not listen to the voters, and she consistently flip-flops on issues. 

 Conklin’s vision for Littleton is high-density housing and “new urbanism” 

Littleton is a quiet, suburban community.  Amy Conklin wants to turn Littleton into a dense, urban environment.  She continuously votes for high-density housing and apartment buildings/townhomes such as River’s Edge, Littleton Village, the Marathon Oil property, and Alexan Littleton Station, the Electron property.  These votes are not consistent with the character of the City of Littleton and the City’s own Comprehensive Plan.  Littleton Village allows for over 900 units including 540 rental units on 77 acres, River’s Edge allows for 250 units on 17 acres and Alexan Littleton Station allows for 350 units on 12.9 acres.  These three developments alone could increase Littleton’s population by more than seven percent.  Vote for Conklin if you want Littleton to become a high density, urban environment complete with more gridlock, traffic and congestion.    

Developers support Conklin 

Littleton has one of the lowest sewer tap fees in the region. Because Littleton’s rates are so low, developers inside and outside of Littleton significantly benefit from Littleton’s low fees. Conklin consistently votes against increasing tap fees.   The developer of Sterling Ranch, a 2,000+ acre ranch near Roxborough, has contributed to Conklin’s current campaign for City Council.  The developer could potentially petition to be annexed into the City of Littleton to access Littleton’s low sewer tap fees and Littleton’s access to Denver Water.  If approved, Littleton would be responsible for providing additional services for a property that is not contiguous or close to Littleton.  Revenues gained from the annexation would be minimal and added costs for police and fire services would offset any gains.  The developer is proposing to develop 1,962 single-family units, six commercial acres, and 270 multifamily housing units on 640 acres. (Littleton Independent, June 21, 2007).   

Conklin thinks YOU need to be “educated” to her point of view  

Conklin thinks that you are not smart enough to understand the issues facing the City.  Conklin wants to tell you what to think about the issues through her “education” campaigns.  In a memo to City Council dated July 3, 2007 Conklin recommends the City conduct an “extensive, exhaustive, aggressive and comprehensive public outreach” campaign to “educate” and “engage” citizens despite the fact that an election less than one month earlier showed that citizens of Littleton were active and engaged.  What she doesn’t tell you is that you have to pay for her outreach campaign. 

Conklin thinks YOU cannot understand issues facing Littleton 

Conklin thinks that you are not smart enough to understand the issues facing the City.  Conklin also wrote in the July 3, 2007 memo “the issues we deal with are complicated and it takes effort to become educated”.  One issue Conklin thinks is complicated is trash pickup.  At a June 20, 2006 City Council meeting, she said that trash pickup at 5:48 a.m. at a business location adjacent to a residential neighborhood is a “complicated” issue.  Other issues she feels that are too complicated for you to understand and that you need to be educated on include the Police Building (Study Session on December 13, 2005), TABOR (City Council Study Session, June 13, 2006), State-Wide Ballot issues (City Council Meeting, September 5, 2006) and Budget Issues related to TABOR (City Council Study Session, December 12, 2006).

Conklin says she supports Channel 8, but her record shows otherwise

 Conklin says she supports Channel 8, but she voted four times against funding Channel 8. (City Council meetings on September 5, 2006, October 17, 2006, July 3, 2007 (vote against to equip the Community Room with equipment), and August 7, 2007).  On the April 3, 2007 meeting, she voted to table consideration of broadcasting Channel 8.  During an August 7, 2007 City Council meeting, she shirked responsibility for making a decision, stating that a new City Council should decide whether to televise Channel 8.  In addition, at the September 5, 2006 City Council meeting, Conklin opposed a motion to accept $300 from the Littleton Examiner to televise the subsequent two study sessions on Channel 8.  

Conklin does NOT Listen to YOU 

Conklin says you CAN NOT talk to her, e-mail or write to her on rezoning applications (see Conklin’s Web Site).  Conklin clearly didn’t hear the 400+ members of the community who were present for the multiple Wal-Mart hearings and she  did not read the more than 3,000 letters, cards and e-mails.  Conklin would rather listen to City Staff, developers or consultants than listen to your opinion.  She stated in several city council meetings that she has to “trust the staff.”  You should expect a City Council member to question everything and demand adequate data to make informed decisions.  Conklin assumes the City is always right and you are wrong.Conklin not only does not listen to you, she doesn’t adequately consider the laws of the City.  In voting for the Wal-Mart, Conklin ignored City Code.  The proposed Wal-Mart plan did not meet noise restriction laws, minimum open space requirements, and parking requirements.  Yet Conklin still voted for the plan.   

Conklin says she supports open space yet voted to give away open space 

\Conklin voted to build a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Littleton.  In voting for Wal-Mart, Conklin voted to contribute land that you purchased to the world’s richest corporation to build a retention pond.      

Conklin does not embrace fiscal responsibility  You deserve straight answers about the finances for the City of Littleton.  After all, it is your money.  Conklin is on the City’s Audit Committee, yet during the December 5, 2006 City Council Meeting, Conklin refused to vote for additional audit funds to validate whether the City is spending your money appropriately and the City is adequately accounting for its expenses.   Conklin wants you to fund her extensive and exhaustive education campaign.  During the 2008 budget Study Sessions, the Director of Planning for the City of Littleton said that each community outreach meeting could cost the City over $6,000.  Do you want to spend your money to become educated to Conklin’s point of view?  

What do YOU want Littleton to look like?    

The new council will address important development issues that will significantly change the face of Littleton. City Council has the opportunity to approve development plans for properties such as the huge Ensor Property on Santa Fe and Mineral, and the Norgren Property near Broadway and Littleton Boulevard.  The new City Council will also approve a new Comprehensive Plan that should be a blueprint of how you want the City to look in 2030.  With your vote, you determine the direction of the City.   Ballots are due back to the City Clerk on November 6, 2007.           

Look at the Facts

It’s YOUR future

This information has been provided by Citizens for a Responsible Littleton. The flyer is intended to be informational only and is not affiliated with any candidate or political party. The views expressed in this document are from Citizens for a Responsible Littleton. Citizens for a Responsible Littleton thanks for the opportunity to post this information on their web site. For more information contact

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