More Evidence of C4LF’s Bias

Just last week we received a letter from the C4LF group signed by 6 former mayors of Littleton supporting their candidate for At-Large.  The letter was dated August 25, 2007 over a month before some of these same people “endorsed” Conklin.  Yet, they insist that they are not biased. 

So, let me get this straight.  Contributing members of C4LF endorse Conklin in August – they compile the results of a “30-second survey” in September, then endorse Conklin again and claim that there was no bias.  Come on!

Remember, Conklin supported 900 dwelling units on the Marathon Oil site, 350 dwelling units on the Electron site, a permanent de-Taboring, the $24 million financing of a new police building that was much more than a police building, giving the Superchi property to the largest retailer in the world for a detention pond to be maintained at taxpayer’s expense, and has mentioned her interest in the annexation of Sterling Ranch property south of Titan Road.  (The developer of Sterling Ranch is a contributor to her campaign and the C4LF group – but, of course they are not biased.)  She has consistently opposed the televising of all council meetings claiming that the camera’s would cause her to behave differently, she has violated the Open Meetings Law by deviating from the purpose of their executive session, and she lead the council into violating the Fair Campaign Practices Act which lead to the City, thus taxpayers) being fined by the Court.

Don’t be fooled by their endorsements.  The C4LF group has no standing in the community, have no purpose other than get their candidates (some of their members) elected, and are as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.  They claim to love Littleton – in fact, they love Littleton so much that they want to change Littleton so it looks nothing like the Littleton the rest of us love. 

To preserve Littleton you should be voting for Doug Clark and Peggy Cole for At-Large, Debbie Brinkman for District 4 and Jose Trujillo for District 2.     

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