Conklin’s Contributions –

Amy Conklin would like you to believe that most of her contributions have trickled in in low denominations.  Would it surprise you to know:

Conklin has received over $10,000 in contributions from outside the City of Littleton.

Conklin has received $800 from the developers of Sterling Ranch that have made it widely known that they want to be annexed into Littleton. She has wanted to talk about the “elephant” in the room referring to annexing Sterling Ranch. 

Conklin has received $450 from individuals connected to the waste water districts that have an interst in keeping the user fees and tap fees low.  Over the past two years Conklin has been on the voting side to raise the user fees for the residents of Littleton while keeping tap fees and user rates for those outside of Littleton low. 

Conklin has received over $3000 from the C4LF group members that want you to believe they are not biased in their endorsements.  The C4LF group want us to believe that they can contribute to the campaigns of Conklin, Christensen, Gallagher, and Stahlman prior to their endorsement and then make their endorsement for the same four and claim that their endorsement is not biased.  How stupid do they think the voters are?

This reminds me of the effort Conklin made to limit campaign contributions last year.  She wanted to limit the amount of money any one person could contribute to a single campaign.  She even had the audacity to claim that it would not be a problem for her because she had a large family and they could get around the limits.   (See minutes of August 8, 2006 meeting) 

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