Don Bruns’ Comments on the 2030 Complan Draft – A Must Read!

Don Bruns’ Comments on the 2030 Complan Draft – Don is a land use planner for the Federal Government and has shared his letter to the Planning Commission with us. 

2 Responses

  1. Wow! What a succinct discussion of the Comp Plan Don Bruns has offered. If there ever was needed a reason to postpone the acceptance of such a flawed plan his reasoning provides it. For those of us who have watched the Planning Commission ignore the existing plan for several years it was obvious that a new plan was simply going to legitimize existing decisions that have been made. These decisions are almost always in favor of developers, and seem to come directly from a handbook for “New Urbanism”. All of this is in keeping with the story promulgated by the city staff that Littleton must have more money in order to grow. The drumbeat of “grow or die” has been going on for many years in spite of all evidence to the contrary. The last time that the city fell victim to a real estate marketing scam we got Riverfront (now Echostar) and the short lived retail shops at Littleton Blvd and Windermere( now Arapahoe county court offices). As I recall these were vacant for a long time and I wonder if they ever paid for themselves?

    I too, am tired of hearing that Littleton, a mature small city, must succumb to the erosion of values of being near a large city. Isn’t it time that reasonable citizens of Littleton define what elements make our town the pleasant place we like so much and craft a Plan that ensures those elements remain protected from developers out to make a quick buck.

    A comprehensive plan must have some teeth so that future commissions can be held accountable to the citizens. It was a travesty that the citizens had to demand an election to enforce what they first told the planning commission and then the City Council. I think if anything should have shown these officials that their attempt at subverting the long held Comp Plan, the Wal-Mart fiasco should have made it clear.

    I will be interested in what story will next be developed by city staff to attempt to gain more revenues for their pet projects and plans. I am sure that there will be something developed. If there was ever a reason to sweep out the old and bring in a new council, the events of the last year have demonstrated that Doug Clark and Tom Mulvey need some help in chambers.

    Finally. I ask a simple question. Is the failure of the Citizens Advisory Committee lead by the city’s long rang planner and Ms Thornton an indication of incompetence by the planner or simply an indication of his bowing to powers beyond his control? In any case, is there still a demonstrated need for that position or should it be abolished and the money used for a professional television producer so that all meetings are televised?

  2. I dont think I have ever read such drivel in my life. You mock “new ubanism” but total lose the fact that the traffic, poluttion and declining housing stock value have been atrributed to sprawing homogenious suburbs. Littleton has value in it’s surround directly related to it’s proximity to a larger city, not the other way around. You letter intnends to lump government planners and employees into some vast pool of mis-fit idiots. Well, that would be akin to stationg all residents have not idea how to plan a city and they want to pay zero taxes and receive ultimate services. Is this true, not!

    With respect to Walmart, open your eyes. The representative citizens approved the need for large format reatil in the corridor, the representative citizens apporved the plan at the P.C. The representative citizens approved the plan at council. A lynch mob of falsehoods were used to make a case for stopping the project. Like the fact the City “was giving them land for their drainage” what a farse. Also, the City procurred the opens space to the east to buffer the future development of the land. The funny part is that area is zoned for industrial warehouse uses which I hope get built and serve the naysayers point.

    The comment about pet projects confirms your disconnect with reality. The staff are directed by council….give me your pet project example instead of denegrating hardworker employees who have to listen to idots like you who speak with hindsight and no oversight. You are the epitome of an armchair quarterback. Why dont you write your own complan and tell everyone how easy it is?

    Also, get your facts straight, the complan was not subverted to approve Walmart, you were just listening to all the citizens who final read it and started stating reasons to deny it from the incorrect sections of plan. I couldn’t listen anymore after 10 successive people pulled complan requirements out of the downtown district as a reason for denying the plan.

    And if you think because the decision was overtunred on a vote is representative of the city you need a lesson in politics. It may be the only fair way, but truly representative of all is hilarious to think.

    Lastly, we do no a new producer, so we can get all the armchair quarterbacks like you throwing darts at government while you sit in your room with nobody to question your ideas and actions. Way to go Dale.

    Keep up the great work and the City of Littleton will be similar to Publo before you know it. Thank god someone in the city is trying to make the city prosper in our lifetime and the next. Maybe you should get your bottom down to City hall and proivde them with your vast experience to get this thing headed in the right direction.. When it fails we can then come and call it your “pet project”

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