Letter From Lebrun Hutchinson to Tom Mulvey About Campaign Contributions

And, who might I ask, is paying for all of the ‘slick’ publications that are being mailed to the voters of Littleton under the banner of ‘Littleton Examiner’ ??? A most biased political publication AND an affront to  the Littleton Citizens who get it. Not to mention the proliferation of candidate signs. U M M M M??? Could it be the same ones with deep pockets that financed your groups previous try to keep Littleton in the ‘yesteryears’? I can’t believe that your candidates can individually finance such expense.
I’d send a letter to the Independent Editor but with their bias and a readership of only 2,000 +/- who’s going to see it?? I’m not renewing… It is no longer the Littleton Independent.
I respectively rescind my endorsement that I made in the paper for you in your first candidacy.

2 Responses

  1. You have to be pretty mean-spirited and petty to distort prudence, perspective and balance into “keeping us in the yesteryears”. Of course, that’s exactly the sort of extremism and misrepresentation that the entrenched Council majority (and their predecessors and fellow-travellers) have foisted on the public for years. On the other hand, it’s conceivable that you and they actually believe such clap-trap (there’s a “yesteryear” term for you); if so, you have my sympathy—though, if Amy and Cindy get elected, I’ll need all I can muster for myself, my family and the rest of Littleton.

  2. These election resulys should have surprised no one. For several years now there has been a 60% majority in the city trying to tell council what was wanted, expected and need by the citizens. the ignoring of them and the threats of re-education can only last so long.
    I can only hope now that we will see open discussion and debate about the issues and rational decisions in the council.
    Perhaps this election will mark the end of the call for more money, greater density, (new urbanism propaganda) and a reasonable set of fees for new development (growth paying for growth).
    I look forward to watching the council and boards in action on channel 8 and can only hope that the travesty of the new Comp Plan can be thrown in the trash can and a more reasonable Plan put together that is not so one sided in favor of massive high density development.
    Thaks to every one who has helped restore reason and open government to Littleton!

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