Peggy Cole Responds to Lebrun Hutchinson


For your information:

I do not know what “deep pocket” groups you refer to.  The Committee to Elect Peggy Cole paid for my yard signs, for my fliers, and for my ads in The Examiner.  It is my understanding that the cost of The Examiner is paid for by the advertisements which comprise most of the publication.

Although a full-page ad in The Examiner is not “cheap,” the cost is only a fraction of the cost of each of the many 4-color glossy, card-stock, direct-mailings that citizens have received from some candidates and from C4LF, the letter from the six mayors, and the telephone calls.

Thanks to the dedication of many volunteers who have helped distribute my relatively inexpensive fliers, my expenses have been modest.  Contributions to “The Committee to Elect Peggy Cole” total less than $4,400.  Although my husband I are not wealthy, I have lent my committee an additional $2,000, which at this point I do not expect to be repaid.  (My husband and I believed the issues are important enough that we decided, if necessary, to forgo our modest vacations for the next couple years in order to guarantee the loan.)

Furthermore, wanting to preserve what citizens value is a far cry from what you label “try[ing] to keep Littleton in the ‘yesteryears'”….

Peggy Cole

Candidate for City Council Member At Large

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