Littelton City Council Meeting Minutes January 15, 2008

Littleton City Council

15 January 2008


Jim Taylor was absent.


The organizers of the Candle Light Walk were recognized for the good work they do.

 Consent Agenda

The Council approved Brad Bailey as the acting City Attorney.


The Utility Billing System was pulled from the Consent Agenda by Debbie Brinkman.  She had some questions on the funding of the system and Ken Price was able to clarify the expenditure for her.  The motion to approve the new billing system was made by John Ostermiller and seconded by Tom Mulvey.  Motion passed 6/0.


At a previous meeting Brinkman asked to meet Joan Schroer before approving her to serve for Littleton on the Arapahoe County’s Community Corrections Board.  Brinkman believed it was important for the new council members to meet their appointees and for them to meet the new council.  Ms. Schroer was a detective with the Littleton Police and had volunteered in this capacity prior to her retirement and she has continued to serve since them.  In 2007 the County decided that they wanted alternates to serve and Ms. Schroer recommended that Linda Suttle serve as the alternate.  Linda was introduced to the audience.


Ms. Schroer told the Council that the group meets once a month on the major cases – crimes against victims.  The victims are in attendance at the meetings.  They also meet once a week for the lower class cases.


Doug Clark asked if they dealt with juvenile cases and adult; Ms. Schroer said only the adult cases.


Brinkman asked Ms. Schroer what was the most challenging and most enjoyable aspect of the work the committee does.  Ms. Schroer said it is a complicated system – the people in the prison system ready to re-enter society have needs that they try to meet.  The group represents different “vendors” that provide services that may be of help to the released inmate.  The group tries to get the inmate help prior to their release rather than waiting until after they are released.  It is very challenging to determine, by vote, if the inmate is suitable for release into the community. 


Each week is different from the other and Ms. Schroer invited the public and the Council to attend their monthly meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Arapahoe County Court House in the Jury Room. 


Peggy Cole asked if the group helps those in need of further education.  Ms. Schroer said they do and Arapahoe Community College has been a strong component of their programs.


Ms. Schroer’s appointment and Ms. Suttle’s appointment were confirmed on a 6/0 vote.

 Second Reading

The Ordinance to renew the franchise agreement with Xcel was approved 6/0.

 General Business

Hiring of Consultant to Recruit New City Attorney – Council approved the hiring of Tom Dority to help them in the selection process of a new city attorney.  The consultant will be meeting with the Council, staff, and others to determine what qualifications are desired for the new city attorney.  The cost is $16,500 plus any related costs that might be required to bring in out of state applicants.  The motion passed 6/0.


Study Sessions and Council Outreach -Council decided to discuss their upcoming study session topics and any outreach meetings at the February workshop.


Staff Evaluations – Clark suggested that the Council consider asking the City Manager and the Acting City Attorney writing a memo to Council outlining their goals and objectives for the next year.  It would be used by the Council in a discussion with each and to determine criteria for their evaluations.  The rest of the Council agreed with Clark that it was a good idea.


LPS – Jim Woods informed Council that the Littleton School Board would like to have them as a guest for a breakfast meeting either March 5th or 6th. 


Planning Commission Study Sessions – Clark reopened a motion that had been tabled since December and asked Cole to continue the discussion.  Cole said she thought it was important for Planning Commission study sessions to be televised because the subjects addressed are of vital importance to the community.


Mulvey agrees so much that he has decided to switch from satellite to Comcast in order to watch the meetings himself.


Ostermiller said the reason the motion was tabled had to do with the cost – do we know how much it will cost to televise their study sessions.


Kelli Narde said the videographer charges a flat $175 per meeting whether the meeting is 15 minutes long or 6 hours long.  Five meetings per month were built into the budget for next year and there are times that the Planning Commission does not meet so it is difficult to project how many meetings will occur each month.


An amendment was offered by Brinkman.  In order to be sensitive to those Planning Commissioners that did not sign on to be on TV she suggested that they delay the televising until April 1, 2008.  Cole seconded the motion.


Tom Mulvey asked why?  Brinkman said that applications will be taken for new appointments to boards and commissions and new appointments take their new positions on April 1st.  The amendment passed on a 4/2 vote with Ostermiller and Trujillo dissenting.


The main motion passed 5/1 with Ostermiller dissenting.


City Code Compliance with State Law – Cole made a motion to direct staff to prepare an amendment to change the city code to bring it in compliance with current practices and state law.  The current code states that all board and commission appointments will be made in an executive session which is contrary to the Open Meetings Law.


Brinkman seconded the motion which passed on a 6/0 vote.


Jim Woods has approved a 4 month leave of absence (unpaid) for Margery Smith who will serve for 4 months in New Orleans with the cataloging of the items that have been contributed to the library there.


Brad Bailey informed the Council that he will be in trial for two days next week over the Sundown Ridge Trail easement.


Bailey mentioned a couple of bills that will come up in the legislature that will impact Littleton.

  • The beer and wine retail industry is pushing a bill that would allow the sale of beer and wine in stores that do 70% of their business in groceries and have a pharmacy on the premises.
  • The art dealers are pushing for a license that would allow them to serve alcohol at art openings.
  • The Sunday sale of alcohol is returning but this time the store owners are behind the bill.
  • A bill yet to be introduced would turn back state highways to the local governments.  In Littleton that would mean Broadway, Santa Fe Drive, Belleview and Bowles.  HB08-10182*


Jose reported that the wrecked cars are on the Cemetery property but the clean up is progressing.  It was fortunate that the Cemetery was so close – otherwise the wreckage could have tied up Santa Fe for a very long time.


Tom Mulvey thanked the organizers of the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Courthouse.


Peggy Cole resumed a concern mentioned at an earlier meeting regarding the public’s access to the Council packets each week.  Woods told her that everything that related directly to the items that come before Council are now included.  The newspaper clippings, CML newsletters and other materials will not be included.  Cole thanked the staff.


Cole has heard from several community members that they did not think that an ad-hoc communications committee was necessary – this council is responding very well.  She would like to hear from others that might disagree.


Clark recognized the loss of a valuable city employee, Julie Bower, who is moving to Tucson.  There will be a party for her on January 25th.


Clark received a call from Bob Tonsing, former councilmember, who suggested renaming Ridgewood Park at Prince and Briarwood after Charlie Emley who spent 16 years on the city council.  Mulvey seconded the motion.


Ostermiller asked about a naming committee from years past and wondered if the Council should reintroduce the committee to forward names to council.


Narde said she has been in touch with South Suburban about naming some lakes in Platte Park.  Currently they are named lake #1, lake #2, through lake #5.  She will be working toward some policies that help in guiding the naming of public places.


Mulvey said the park should be named the Charlie Emley Park and not just Emley Park.  Motion passed 5/1 with Ostermiller dissenting.


Clark explained to the Council that he, as Mayor, is asked to sign proclamations from time to time and he wanted to make sure that his signing of the proclamations without their approval was a practice he could continue.  They agreed it was.  


*HB08-1012 Bill Summary – Requires the transportation commission to evaluate the state highway system and remove roads from the system if it determines that it is feasible and appropriate to do so.  Makes legislative findings and declarations.


Section 2 (5) (B) states that the “report shall identify any road or portion of a road removed from the state highway system by the commission and shall also include any proposed legislation regarding transportation funding deemed necessary or appropriate by the commission.


The other bills mentioned have not been introduced as of today.

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