More Parking in Downtown Littleton! What Do You Think?

The problem/future problem of parking in downtown Littleton has become quite the topic of conversation in Littleton.  This might be a good time to start brainstorming about solutions.

What do you think?  Do we need more parking in downtown Littleton?  Where?  Who should pay for it?  What are your thoughts and opinions? 

3 Responses

  1. The Oct. 2004 Downtown Parking Study confirmed the observations from my neighboorhood (Sterne Park).
    there is a shortage of RTD parking and has been since the highly successful inception of light rail.
    There is an opportunity and a cost, Street parking in neighborhoods, i.e. Lake, Hill , and Bemis Streets doesn’t put foot traffic past any retail on their way to and from the station. Parking enforcement costs, no tax revenue. Soooo… where would be better? I’ll toss out some ideas.
    How about a structure where the city center parking is now. The view from the east of the depression wouldn’t be affected, put city vehicles on the 1st (secure?) level, visitors and public parking on the 2nd and top. East side becomes available for future Police office expansion. Sidebar should city explore purchase of former Arap County Sheriff / IREA building for police and public parking? it worked for the Sheriff.

    “Skunk Hollow” area next to SanteFe is below sight line of neighboorhood to the East, would two levels allow traffic (vehicle or foot) from the East.

    If the parking structure at Echostar is not near capacity, a lease agreement and the cost of a pedestrian bridge might be cheaper than building our own parking structure and would serve that end of downtown. Perhaps the underpass is close enough and access on the West side is lacking.

    There seems to be a large lot adjacent to the Depot Art Center is it ever filled?

    Your turn!
    Norm Brown

  2. Alright, I have another thought.
    The parking at Riverbend, (Larmar’s D-nuts &c.) seems to me to be about right, the businesses are thriving, we’ve never had to go next door to Essex House (only as a Romantic Getaway, not to park).
    What are the parking ratios, was there historic dirt involved or waivers granted ? Anybody know offhand?


  3. How about the parking lot at Reinke’s? It is centrally located and provides enough land to surround it with retail to obscure a parking view impact. There is already parking two blocks away from main street. People are just too lazy to walk. Putting the parking on the edge or at the city center will not improve the current situation downtown for retailers.

    Who should pay? It should be shared by the city and the downtown district as it weill benefit them. The City as a whole will benefit from a proposrous downtown so they should fund it as well with taxpayer dollars. Whoops, I forgot. We couldn’t get the citizens to pay for a new police station becuase we had the money already in the mystic “waterfund”.

    godd day

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