Littleton City Council Meeting 6 May 2008

Littleton City Council Meeting

6 May 2008

For Unscheduled Appearances please see the official minutes of the meeting on the city’s website.

There were no Consent Agenda Items and no Ordinances on 2nd Reading.

 General Business

Discussion on Amendment to Regional Clean Water Plan

There is a proposed amendment to the Regional Clean Water Plan that has some potential impact on Littleton.  Dominion Water and Sanitation District is requesting permission to reopen and operate the old Roxborough Waste Water Treatment plant.  There are three issues:

1.      Would it be more economical if Littleton provided the sewer service?

2.      The impact on the water quality of Chatfield Reservoir; phosphorus in particular.

3.      If the area develops it will impact traffic on Santa Fe Drive.

 Charlie Blosten said DRCOG will be considering the amendment requested by Dominion for the Sterling Ranch area in June or July. 

 Doug Clark said the staff is looking for direction from council.  They could do nothing, propose to sell our excess capacity at our treatment plant or support the reactivation of the old Roxborough plant.

 Jim Taylor said he told DRCOG that Littleton may be opposing the amendment unless we could be assured they would be required to treat the water at the same level as Littleton.  He asked Blosten if he could get that information.

Blosten said he didn’t know the answer and he didn’t know if the answer would be available before the DRCOG meeting.

Peggy Cole asked if it was a viable alternative to use our plant.  Blosten said he had not seen a list of alternatives.  Cole asked Blosten if we have the capacity to handle their build-out.

Blosten said he was not ready to provide a definitive answer.  Littleton has 25 million galloons per day (mgd) available and we are currently using 12.  We need to reserve capacity for areas in Littleton’s drainage area and our other 8 districts.  They also need to consider the flow may come back up to the 2000 rates as the drought begins to lessen. 

Taylor said Englewood also has 25 mgd and because Littleton pays based on what we use we could go to 26 mgd.  Blosten said we would have to buy or lease the extra capacity from Englewood.  They have to look at every possibility of ground to determine what’s needed – they have talked to Brown & Caldwell and two Englewood plant employees and no one is willing to say how much capacity is available.  Cole asked if they would know in 2 weeks.  Blosten said no. 

Jim Woods said the decision is coming from DRCOG and they will be doing the water analysis with outside experts.  The permit process is very complex and the first question to be answered is can the “phosphorous loading” be met. 

Blosten said the Chatfield Water Shed Authority is also involved.  They have approved the amendment for Dominion. 

John Ostermiller thought the discussion should be continued in an executive session. 

The discussion strayed from the motion into a discussion about the cost of reactivating and expanding the Roxborough plant which could potentially be $25 million. 

Motion was finally passed to continue the discussion in an executive session. 

Discussion on Police Department support for Democratic National Convention

Chief Coogan said they have been meeting regularly since January and the biggest impact on Littleton will be on Light Rail so they will be adding staff to the line.  They will (or have had) First Amendment training and they are monitoring the web site of the protestors.  There have been no agreements signed and there won’t be any signed until the proper protection and workmen’s comp issues are addressed. 

Ostermiller wondered if there were considering adding staff to the Hudson Gardens’ event.  Coogan said all those expenses were the responsibility of Hudson Gardens. 

The city will be reimbursed time-and-a-half for every hour Littleton police provides. 

There is a concern about getting people from light rail to Hudson Gardens and the parking required by the number of busses bringing people to the Hudson Gardens’ event. 

Discussion of 2009 Budget calendar

The proposed dates for the budget discussion coincide with the DNC.  Chief Coogan said she would not be able to give her full attention to the budget meetings as her first priority will be the DNC.  She believed that Chief Mullins would have the same conflict. 

Taylor moved to hold the budget meetings on September 8, 9 and 10th with the hours to be determined later.  Motion passed 7/0 

Discussion on holding public hearing for South Platte River Segment 14 – Use Protection

Ostermiller asked why they needed a public hearing since the question was operational – do we want to authorize $75,000 to apply for use-protection.  The public hearing should be held at the Clean Water Board.  There will be plenty of opportunities for the public to speak.  I don’t see what we hope to accomplish.  The cost is small compared to what may happen if they come back with degradation standards we can’t meet.  It would be a dress rehearsal.

Clark said they needed a motion to hold the hearing on June 3.  Debbie Brinkman made the motion and Tom Mulvey seconded.

Clark said a use protection will change the use on the river from swimming to not safe for incidental ingestion.  Why apply for a use that makes the water unsafe for kayakers when South Suburban is spending money to make the river more accessible to kayakers.  We need to hear how much risk the citizens are willing to absorb.  We don’t know what the trade-offs are and it will be good to get an outside point of view. 

Motion passed 5/2 with Ostermiller and Jose dissenting.

Appointments to South Suburban Parks and Recreation Gold Medal Committee

Tom Mulvey and Jim Taylor will be the representatives to the South Suburban Parks and Recreation Gold Medal Committee based on a 7/0 vote. 

Board and Commission Matters

Ellie Pope was named as an alternate to the Historic Preservation Board on a 6/1 vote with Clark dissenting.


Woods said South Suburban will consider the renaming of Ridgeview Park to Charlie Emley Park on May 14th.

Representatives from Arvada want to speak to the council about W-470. 

Brinkman met with BIAAC on April 25th.  She said they did not think the subject matter of the charge given to BIAAC was appropriate and would not take them a full year to complete.  Some members said they would like to discuss the 2007 report.  Brinkman asked the council to put BIAAC on an upcoming agenda to discuss their charge.  Woods suggested May 20th.

Ostermiller said the RFP for an auditor went out and they have 5 proposals to review before sending a recommendation forward to the whole council. 

Ostermiller and Doug Farmen have been working on a 5 year budget forecast which is about ready.  

Next year is the 50th anniversary of Littleton becoming a home-rule city and Ostermiller thought there should be a celebration.

Ostermiller said it happened tonight – we are a non-partisan council and we are getting sucked into politics by people making political statements during council meetings.  He didn’t know if they should be the forum for everyone.

Clark said it seemed like an appropriate topic for their discussion on the legislative rules and procedures.  Ostermiller wondered when they would ever get to that topic.  Brad Bailey said he would provide the council with something in writing in the next couple of weeks. 

Clark said some people want to appear on TV and some just want to appear before council.  We have had people from both political parties come down before.  Part of the issue is do we want to get in the process of determining who will get to speak and who won’t?

Tom Mulvey mentioned the signs on the vacuum building just as you cross the railroad tracks – how long are they allowed to remain? 

Taylor said they had a very long study session list of topics and suggested a full day meeting to catch up.  There was support for the idea but for ½ day rather than a full day. Motion passed 7/0.  Staff will provide a suggested list of topics. 

Clark said the committee responsible for the RFP for ambulance service will be ready for the next meeting.





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