Littleton City Council Meeting Minutes – 4 Nov 2008

Littleton City Council Meeting

4 November 2008


On October 28 a council meeting was held but it was the annual District I meeting.  I did not record any minutes of that meeting for the Blog because no new information was offered. 


The meeting on election night was a very brief meeting but still worth noting.


During the approval of the minutes Tom Mulvey asked for more detailed information regarding some issues he addressed about the South Platte Park Management Plan to be included.  Phil Cortese said the minutes of their study sessions are not very detailed as it takes a long time to transcribe them.  If people want to see what happened they can watch the streaming video or check the recording out of the library.


Mulvey told Cortese he needed to know what he said during the meeting to which Cortese told him they could burn him a DVD of the meeting.  The approval of those minutes was postponed to a future meeting.


Peggy Cole had several changes to make to the meeting minutes.  Afterwards Jim Taylor said he did not object to some of the changes offered but when you try to change what was made in a motion…it was not proper to change how a motion was made.  It may not be grammatically correct but the minutes should reflect what was actually said.  Cole said they needed to be more careful in how their motions are worded.


Consent Agenda

A motion to change the time frame for outstanding checks to be written off from 5 years to 6 months was approved 7/0.  (Jose Trujillo offered an amendment to change the 6 months to 12 but the amendment was defeated 2/5 with Clark and Jose voting in favor.)


The Aspen Grove BID was approved 7/0.



Jim Woods reported that the code enforcement in the NE part of Littleton was proceeding.  Two of the four apartment buildings have been completely inspected – apartment by apartment with corrective action reports written.  They are staring the third building today.  They are getting a lot of cooperation from the building owner.


Suzanne Staiert reported that the decision on the Barber v Ritter case had been made.  The Supreme Court found that there was no violation of TABOR and the fee did not transform into a tax when it was put in Ft. Collins’ General Fund.  This information is important for Littleton because it has a direct bearing on the Water Fund millions sitting in our budget but could not be spent.  The Council (this one and previous ones) have been waiting for this decision before taking any steps toward spending the Water Fund.  Anticipate further discussions about this fund – both in public and in executive sessions with the City’s attorney.  Whether or not this decision resolves all the issues with Littleton’s Water Fund or not remains to be seen.  Stay tuned.


Staiert will be interviewing for the part-time attorney on November 11th.  The new part-time attorney will be focusing on HR issues for the City.  John Ostermiller will serve on the interview committee for the Council.


Jose reported that Interfaith Task Force is in need of food contributions – the food is going out as fast as it is coming in.  Cole suggested a “plug” for Interfaith be printed in the next Littleton Report.  Kelli Narde said that was a complicated issue.  The information in the Littleton Report needs to be limited – if it is opened up for Interfaith they would have to open it up to all the other good causes.  Cole asked how it was decided to place collection barrels for Interfaith in City owned buildings.  Cortese said they were approached by Interfaith to do so and we partner with them.  We donate money to them every year.  Clark corrected Cortese saying it was a Service Contract not a donation – all semantics – the City does contribute tax dollars to Interfaith Task Force each year along with several other organizations.)


Woods said it has been a soft policy – we play it by ear – a common sense decision based on a case by case basis.


Mulvey reminded everyone about the Veteran’s Day Memorial on November 11th at the WWII Memorial.


Taylor said South Suburban started working on a bridge and found back-fill rather than dirt when they were digging for the bridge abutments.  It will add another $50,000 to $60,000 to the cost of the bridge.


Cole asked Woods to verbally announce the votes at their study sessions.  She had listened to recordings of a study session and could not tell who voted how because the audio did not record the raising of their hands.  (Where have we heard this before?)  There was no objection from the other members for Woods to do this in the future.


Clark said Interfaith needs contributions – repetition is the key to success!

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