Littleton City Council Meeting – 11 November 2008

Littleton City council Meeting

11 November 2008


Jim Taylor was absent.


Doctors Care

Council was given an overview of the Doctors Care Program.  “Doctors Care is a private, nonprofit health care organization established to provide access to quality primary and specialty outpatient and inpatient medical care for medically uninsured children and adults living in Douglas, Arapahoe, and Elbert counties.”


Council was told that the Littleton Police have a law enforcement training program (40 hours).  The hope is to divert some of the offenders from the Arapahoe County jail to mental health facility.  The cost of incarcerating an individual is 5 times greater than providing them the mental health services they really need.  Inmates with mental health problems usually have 5 times the stay in jail too.  They’re estimating a savings of $1.4 million for the Arapahoe County jail.  Eventually 100% of the LPD will be trained.


Channel 8

Kelli Narde presented the council with a three prong approach to new/expanded services on Channel 8.


  1. Hire a producer to produce six 15 minute videos to play on Channel 8 in 2009.  It would cost $9,000 which could be funded by the $12,000 currently budgeted for the streaming video that will no longer be necessary.


  1. Use the PEG funds to pay for a 24/7/365 bulletin board system that would allow citizens to be updated on news and emergency information.  It would also allow them to replay City Council and Planning Commission meetings.


  1. If the Council pursues the bulletin board system the staff would like to use the remaining $3,000 (from above) and hire the former producer to remove the outdated equipment and install new equipment and provide some training for city staff.


Tom Mulvey liked all three.  Doug Clark thought the bulletin board would be great to use during snow storms. 


Peggy Cole said she felt left behind – she thought the next step was to determine if they want a full time videographer by identifying what they wanted on TV and how much.


Clark said the training piece somewhat addressed the videographer but they still needed to determine if they needed anything more than the 6 shows per year.


Mulvey would like to return to the old programming and we would need a full time producer to do so.


Clark asked if they would be able to show programs produced elsewhere.  Narde said she gets stuff all the time that could be shown on Channel 8.


Mulvey said they should televise all the board and commission meetings.


Clark thought that was a good goal but would get complex trying to deal with schedule conflicts.


Cole said emergency notices won’t help if the electricity goes off.


Debbie Brinkman agreed with Mulvey that it would be great to televise all the board and commission meetings but that would be like going from zero to sixty.  She liked Narde’s plan.  She wanted to try this before going forward with a full-time producer. 


Clark suggested the Liquor Board be televised and Brinkman suggested the BIAAC meetings be televised.


John Ostermiller said the wild card is HDTV – what’s it going to do?


Brinkman asked Narde if all the bulletin board systems are comparable.  Narde said if the council wants to move in this direction they needed to do some more research before committing to a particular system.


Clark moved to direct staff to implement #2 and #3 and get some training from Doug Reed.  Brinkman seconded and motion passed 6/0.


Clark moved to direct staff to contract with Doug Reed to produce 6 shows for 2009.


Cole asked if they shouldn’t be soliciting others.


Narde said it would be nice to hire Reed since he purchased all the equipment and he knows the equipment. 


Woods said they could put an RFP together asking for Reed’s price but he did not think there would be many that would come in at his price.


Clark said it might be easier to write an RFP after we have done 6 shows.


Motion passed 6/0.


Mulvey moved to televise the Liquor Authority meetings in 2009.  Motion passed 4/2 with Brinkman and Ostermiller dissenting.


Cole moved to televise the Council’s workshop.  There was no second.


Clark said it might be worthwhile to bring it up again when we know what the agenda is.


2009 Capital Improvements


From a memo to Council:

The 2009 proposed budget includes:

                        $1 million for Street Rehabilitation

                        $100,000 for Curb and Gutter Repairs

                        $50,000 for Concrete Work on Mineral /Bowles Ave.

                        $50,000 for Bridge Repairs

                        $150,000 for Traffic Signal Programs

                        $201,00 for Storm Drainage Improvements

                        $500,000 for Sanitary Sewer Repair

                        $500,000 for Repairs to the City’s Main Interceptor Sewer Line




Main Street, Court Place to Rapp Street; $275,000+ (specialized intersection treatments)

Bell Flower Drive, Bowles to Tule Lake Dr., $250,000

E. Powers Ave., Broadway to Grant St.; $475,000

2009 (CDBG Funds)

Grant St., Berry to Powers; $127,500

2009 (Tabor Funds)

Micro seal application on residential and collector streets throughout the city: $960,000


Elati St., Caley to Lake; $550,000

Elati St., Lake to Shepperd; $200,000

Federal Blvd., Belleview to Bowles (NB); $375,000

Federal Blvd., Belleview to Bowles (SB); $375,000

Snowberry Dr., Bowles to Tule Lake Dr., $475,000

Lakeview St., Caley to Shepperd; $750,000

Wood Sorrel Dr., Bowles to Tule Lake; $250,000

Aberdeen St., Caley Cr. to Elati St. $750,000

Broadway, Caley Ave. to Dry Creek Rd. $TBD



Broadway bridge over Highline Canal, south of Arapahoe Road; widen the west sidewalk; $50,000



X-ray traffic signal poles for stress fractures and required repairs: $150,000



Little’s Creek storm sewer work, Caley Ave. to Windermere Street. The UDFCD would match city funds to construct two storm culverts; utility relocations to start in 2009, with storm drainage construction to follow immediately; $201,000



Completion of the repairs on the city’s main interceptor line where it crosses Little Dry Creek in Englewood and additional sewer line repairs throughout the city at locations to be determined; $500,000


Blosten showed different treatments for crosswalks because Jim Taylor mentioned that he would like to see some specialized treatments for crosswalks in downtown Littleton.  They ranged in price from $20,000 to $250,000. 


Clark moved to “do” Main Street by May.  Motion passed 6/0.


Brinkman moved to have the microseal of streets with the TABOR money begin ASAP.  Motion passed 6/0.


City Manager’s Goals

There was a draft document that was not made available to the public.  It was agreed upon to be used for the City Manager’s goals for 2009.  A Code of Ethics was also discussed.


Clark moved to have an additional goal added – no scandals, no headlines (negative) and assurance that policies were adhered to.  Jose seconded his motion.  Cole thought the Code of Ethics covered Clark’s motion.  Motion failed on a 2/4 vote with Clark and Mulvey in favor.


Cole moved to approve the draft.  Motion passed 6/0.

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