Littleton City Council Meeting Minutes – 3 February 2009



Regular Meeting of City Council

City of Littleton, Colorado


7:00 p.m.                                                                                                                               Tuesday

Littleton Center                                                                                                     February 3, 2009


1.         Roll Call


2.         Pledge of Allegiance


3.         Agenda


4.         Minutes


a)         Minutes of Special Meeting January 13, 2009


b)         Minutes of Regular Meeting January 20, 2009


5.         Introduce New City Employees


6.         Citizens Appearances


a)         Guest Citizens –


Jim Woods was honored for 25 years of service.


b)         Scheduled public appearances – None


c)         Unscheduled public appearances


Greg Reinke asked the Council to provide a letter of intent on the renewal of the parking lot the City leases from Reinke.  The check is due on May 15th and he usually gets it around June 15th.  He said there would be no increase in rates for the 2009 contract.


Bill Hopping invited the Council and the public to attend the “True Grit” meetings the Historic Preservation Board is holding at the Buck Center in February.


Jose Trujillo, Littleton Cemetery Association, said their board wants to know if they can place a fence at the end of Ridge Road.  People are dumping their trash and the fence would eliminate that problem.  Additionally, the railroad has used the cemetery property to take in the large equipment needed to clean up after the train wrecks.  They would like to see if there is a way for them to acquire the street.  They had been waiting to see what would happen with the property just east of them but the development has not happened.


The Association’s main problem right now is to determine whether or not Alfred Packer was beheaded before being buried.  San Antonio claims to have the shrunken head of Alfred in their possession.  The Board is working with the museum to see what they can learn.  The second issue the Board is dealing with is the water rights under the cemetery which they own – they may want to drill a well in the future.



7.         Consent Agenda Items


a)   Resolution specifying where notices of public meetings are to be posted


Peggy Cole amended the motion to include the library and on-line at the city’s web site for the legal meeting posting requirement.  Suzanne Staiert said the motion applies to the State Law and nothing more.  They could include Cole’s amendment but then the legal requirement for the Council would include the library and the web.  Currently the meeting notices are posted in both but that is because of their legislative rules and not the state law.  Cole’s motion failed on a 2/5 vote with Cold and Clark the only supporters.


Main motion passed 7/0.



b)         Resolution to transfer funds from Sophie Bramley Sylvan Trust fund into Library Expenditure Account – Passed 7/0


c)         Resolution Approving Intergovernmental Agreement with the Regional Transportation District (RTD) for Shopping Cart funding – Passed 7/0


8.         Second and Final Reading on Ordinances and Public Hearings


a)         Ordinance on Second Reading Establishing 2009 Sanitary Sewer Utility Charges and Resolution of City of Littleton, Colorado Sewer Utility Enterprise regarding Sanitary Sewer Charges –


A motion was made to increase the rates for the inside and outside users by 6%. 


Marty Brzeczek asked the council if the 6% was for the collection or collection and treatment as there was no mention of the collection fees in the Council Communication.  He was told that the 6% was applied to both the treatment and collection rates.


Motion passed 7/0


9.         General Business


a)                  Agreement with South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce for Economic Development Services


This is the 22nd year for the contract with the South Metro Chamber with varying amounts.  The $12,000 had already been approved for the 2009 budget.  7/0



10.       Consideration of Committee, Commission and Board Matters


a)      Discussion of board and commission interviews


Tom Mulvey moved to use the same questions asked of the applicants last year and to send them to all new applicants prior to their interviews.  Debbie Brinkman said there were no questions for the tree committee and agreed to bring some forward at the next meeting.  Motion passed 7/0


Cole moved that the interviews be 10 minutes each and start at 6pm.  Motion passed 7/0


Cole moved that if an applicant cannot interview during the scheduled times there will no be make up interviews.  Brinkman seconded and motion passed 7/0.



11.       Ordinances on First Reading


12.       Resolutions


13.       Comments / Reports


a)         City Manager


            b)         City Attorney – Suzanne Staiert wanted to make the Council aware that there will be several new Ordinances coming forward in the near future.



c)         Council Members



Cole said she was embarrassed at the last meeting when no one knew how to operate the document viewer and suggested that some Council members learn how to operate it.  Jim Woods said he would learn.


Taylor mentioned the two options for the police department that came forward at their workshop – an expansion of the City Center and a stand alone building.  The Council asked staff to have an analysis’ done for the best use of the space at the City Center.  Taylor did not want to rule out the relocation of the fire department and using that space in the anaylsis.  He said he realized a motion had been made at the workshop and he asked that the matter be reconsidered.


There are two types of analysis – he would like to see an analysis of the Mineral building by engineers and staff.


Clark thought the analysis should wait until there was a response from their offer.  Taylor thought that might be too late and Staiert said there is usually a 9 to 12 month window for those types of things to happen once a contract has been written.  The City, if they backed out, could stand to lose a deposit.


Taylor moved to have the space utilization study on the City Center to include the space occupied by the fire department.  John Ostermiller seconded.  Brinkman suggested that the study also include the cost of relocating the fire department. 


Cole moved to postpone Taylor’s motion until February 17th when the public would have the opportunity to comment.  Brinkman seconded.  Motion to postpone passed 4/3 with Taylor, Ostermiller and Clark dissenting.


Ostermiller moved that before proceeding any further on the property on Mineral Avenue there needs to be a detailed plan including the total cost to acquire, remodel and secure the building, and identify who is moving there.  This is a departure from the way the City has operated since this building was built.  Taylor seconded the motion saying that they all recognize that the Mineral building is larger than the City Center – maybe we should move all of City Hall there!


Brinkman said that a motion was made and passed to make an offer for the appraised value on the Mineral building and they need to proceed.  Ostermiller’s motion is contrary to that motion and we have not budgeted for a space utilization study.


Ostermiller said he wondered what they were doing with that building – taking if off the tax rolls – I don’t know what we will do with it. Aspen homes are selling for ½ their value – should we buy one of those too.


Jose said Option 5 is a viable alternative for a lot of reasons.  One of our options was to locate in Englewood and another option located here consumed parking.  If we locate here we have a parking problem and there are 222 parking spaces at the Mineral building.  FEMA has used the building on occasion.  Metro Fire bought a large building and are renting space to the County. 


Cole asked Woods how long it would take to do such a study.  Woods said as much as 9 months or one year.  Cole said she understood that moving into the Mineral building would take very little work and it was jumping the gun to ask for a space plan until we know what we want to have in there.


Clark said looking at the Mineral building as an alternative to the Chenango property is worth it.  We need to know the price of the building before we go much further.


Ostermiller wanted to get answers before making a firm offer – you typically enter into negotiations where either party can back out.  Are we going to start our own stimulus package – it is not the way business is done since we only need 17,000 square feet.  His motion failed on a 2/5 vote with Taylor and Ostermiller the only supporters.


Brinkman expressed concerns over the duplex copy mandate – the rigors to comply can be in contradiction to productivity.  She thought the staff was making valiant efforts to comply but it was not the Council’s intent to create problems.  She asked the Council to ask Woods to determine what’s appropriate for the work force.


Kelli Narde said they are working on an Environmental Action Plan that states where it is possible and practical they should duplex copy.


Jose suggested that the citizens need to know about the Water Fund – it is money that won’t be taxed and that things are being taken care of with that money.


Clark asked about the Workshop Report – that would get the information out to the citizens.  Narde said it would be ready for the Council to review next week.


The Reinke Brothers parking lease could be ready next week.




d)         Council President Clark asked the Council for their input on a proposed piece of legislation at the Colorado legislature dealing with Transportation.  The bill would increase car registration fees, add a daily fee of $2 on all rental cars, create a vehicle miles driven pilot program (a GPS would be in the car and each time you go to the gas station the pump would read your mileage history and charge a fee in addition to the price of the gas based on how much you drove), and a new enterprise that would replace the Tolling Authority in Colorado.  The new enterprise could condemn and take roadways and make them toll ways.  Broadway could be taken without the approval of the local government although they are trying to include language that would include local government.  He will have to take a position at the Metro Mayor’s meeting – what do you want me to do?


Taylor said DRCOG was having a special meeting on the Faster Bill – he does not support it.


Clark said the bill is a very complicated way to get around the problem.  To raise the gas tax is not supported because more fuel efficient cars would produce less revenue.  There is not enough money for transportation.  Transportation is pretty complex now and he doesn’t want to see it more complex.



e)         DRCOG


Council convened into an executive discussion to discuss a land purchase.


14.       Adjournment


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