Littleton City Council Meeting – 17 March, 2009

Regular Meeting of City Council

City of Littleton, Colorado

7:00 p.m. Tuesday

Littleton Center March 17, 2009

1. Roll Call


2. Pledge of Allegiance


3. Agenda


4. Minutes


a) Minutes of Regular Meeting February 17, 2009

b) Minutes of Regular Meeting March 3, 2009

5. Introduce New City Employees


6. Citizens Appearances


a) Guest Citizens

b) Scheduled public appearances – Mike Goebel, Chief Operating Officer, Littleton Adventist Hospital – presentation and proclamation

c) Unscheduled public appearances – None


7. Consent Agenda Items


a) Ordinance on first reading adopting the 2008 National Electrical Code with amendments and providing penalties for violations


Jim Taylor said he would be voting against this for a number of reasons.  In general he felt that the changes were going to increase construction costs.  Motion passed 7/0.


8. Second and Final Reading on Ordinances and Public Hearings


a) Ordinance on Second Reading Amending the 2009 Budget to transfer funds from the Water Utility Fund to the Special Projects Fund –


Tom Mulvey made the motion and Debbie Brinkman seconded.  The motion requires a 4/5 majority in order to pass – meaning 6 votes are required.  Peggy Cole amended the motion to make some corrections on the Ordinance.  The amended motion failed with Taylor, Ostermiller and Clark dissenting. 


b) Ordinance on Second Reading Amending the 2009 Budget to Payoff Three Financial Lease Obligations in the Special Projects Fund –


Tom Mulvey made the motion and Jose seconded.  Motion failed 2/5 with Mulvey and Jose in favor.


 General Business


a) Motion to accept license plate reader technology policy – This motion approves the police use of the technology pursuant to policy once written. 


Motion passed 7/0.  Council asked Chief Coogan to provide them with a report after the technology had been in use for 6 months.


11. Ordinances on First Reading


Ordinance regarding Amendments to Wastewater Utility Ordinance (7-5-25), specifically Industrial Pretreatment Requirements (postponed to April 7, 2009)


This was postponed.



10. Consideration of Committee, Commission and Board Matters

From this point forward, the remainder of the agenda will be held in the Community Room

a) Motion approving appointments to Boards and Commissions


Building Board of Appeals – Jerry Valdes and Dan Flynn were both reappointed.


BIAAC – Kay Watson was reappointed.


John Ostermiller read from the City Code that BIAAC was to consist of people who represent different sectors of the business community.  In the past Chris Gibbons has submitted a list of possible members and the Council would determine who would serve based on the list.  Only Chris knows what he needs in the make-up of the committee.. 


Peggy Cole thought they should follow through with the process since they solicited applications and interviewed those people.  She did not want to violate the process.


Ostermiller said they weren’t obligated to appoint anyone.  Cole told him that he was providing a rationale not to appoint anyone.


Mulvey was pleased with this process – they used it last year and it worked just fine.


Doug Clark said the Council has struggled with this – what is the role of BIAAC.  It was chartered to advise the Business/Industry Affairs Department but it has evolved into something else.  They have structured themselves to produce a report for City Council.  He would be happy to steer the committee back to the objective as written in the Code.  But they had solicited applicants and he preferred to appoint them and have the discussion to redirect BIAAC at another time.


Brinkman said the Chair of BIAAC suggested that a smaller group might be more effective.  He thought 9 might be a good number.  There was one member this year that attended 3 of 11 meetings.


Taylor agreed with Clark and thought the change in numbers should be another discussion too.


Susan Burgstiner, Dan Murphy and Michael Guilfoyle were appointed.


Election Commission – Michael Crowley was appointed


Fine Arts Committee – Carol Brzeczek, Emily Cassidy and Al Clerihue were reappointed.  Peggy Dietz, Jim Dickson and Sara Trujillo were appointed.


Historic Presedrvation Board – Kevin Koerning and Chuck Reid were reappointed.  Mike Connelly and Kathryn McMurray were appointed.


Housing Authority – Stu Meagher was reappointed.


Library Board – Lloyd Howard, Laura Hooper and Joe Haynes were appointed.


Liquor Authority – Victoria England and Donovan O’Dell were reappointed.


Museum Board – Dick Dugdale and Rosalie Summers Bentzi were reappointed.


Planning Commission – Linda Knufinke, Steve Bockenstedt and Kirk Samuelson were reappointed.  Craig Coronado and Alicia Rhymer were appointed as alternates.


Riverfront Authority – Gary Thompson was reappointed.


Tree Committee – Julie Duggan was reappointed and John Lawson and Darrell Redford were appointed.


Victim’s Assistance Compensation Board – Frank Atwood and _________________ were reappointed.


12. Resolutions

13. Comments / Reports

a) City Manager – Jim Woods provided council members with copies of handouts used by Chief Coogan at a neighborhood meeting on police space needs.


He reported that they had toured the Sheriff’s building and have contacted the owner.  Woods will be writing a memo addressing the strengths and weaknesses of the building for use by the police.


Littleton will be applying for some of the Federal Stimulus money to reroute the 66 inch sewer main along Broadway.  It is a $4.5 million project.


The projects funded by the TABOR money are coming in at less than expected so they may be able to do 20% more than planned. 


Jim Thelan and Dave Stacy have started their assessment of the Mineral building.  Their report should be in the Council’s packet next week.


b) City Attorney–  Suzanne Staiert reported that the appraisal of the Mineral building has started and will take about 4 weeks to complete.  She will place a code of conduct in their Council packets and would like it to be on the Agenda in April.


Ostermiller asked her how much the appraisal will cost.  Suzanne said it will not exceed $7,000.


c) Council Members


Cole inquired about reports on the past two train wrecks and asked if there was anything the City could do to prod along the report.  Woods said they might talk to Senator Coffman.


Cole also suggested that the Council approve Littleton’s membership in the American Society for Aging as suggested by BIAAC.


d) Council President


14. Adjournment

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