Littleton City Council Meeting June 2, 2009

Citizen Minutes

Regular Meeting of City Council

             June 2, 2009

1.         Roll Call

 2.         Pledge of Allegiance

 3.         Agenda

 4.         Minutes

a)         Minutes of Special Meeting May 12, 2009

 b)         Minutes of Regular Meeting May 19, 2009

 5.         Introduce New City Employees

 6.         Citizens Appearances

a)         2010 Citizen Pre-budget Hearing – Two citizens asked the Council to consider funding the Museum and Littleton Immigrant Initiative in the 2010 budget.

 b)         Scheduled public appearances – None

      c)         Unscheduled public appearancesLarry Shugart from Centennial issued a complaint against the Littleton Emergency Services.  He had called 911 to come to the aid of his granddaughter who was having a seizure.  His first 911 call was not answered and neither was his second.  In desperation he drove his granddaughter to the fire station on Weaver and Broadway and knocked on the door which went unanswered for 5 to 10 minutes.  By the time they did answer the door he was having chest pains himself.  He was grateful for the care given to his granddaughter and that he received but did not feel that he should have been charged $985.00 by Littleton.  Doug Clark asked staff to look into what was going on with the 911 service at that time and to look into the charges.

 7.         Consent Agenda Items

 a)         Ordinance on first reading amending City Code Section 11-7-1(B)(1) pertaining to parks and open space fees as they apply to senior living facilities and City Code Section 11-7-2(A) relating to the use of the fees – Motion approved 7/0 with second reading to be held on July 7th.

 b)         Ordinance on first reading amending Sections 6-7-1 and 6-7-9 of the Littleton City Code pertaining to weapons – Motion passed 7/0 with second reading on July 7th.

 c)         Ordinance on first reading granting a Conservation Easement for Lee Gulch Property between City of Littleton and South Metro Land Conservancy – Debbie Brinkman had several questions regarding the contract.  There was language allowing “minor structures” and she wanted an example of what would be allowed under that language.  A picnic shelter was an example of what would not be allowed.  Jim Woods reminded Council that they still have control of the property when they approve the Master Plan. 

 Charlie Blosten said that they may want to put up a display that would identify what people are looking at as they look out west… educational panel or illustrated map with historical information.  It was never the intent to put some educational facility on the site.  Brinkman did not want a porta-potty on the site and wanted to eliminate some of the extra verbiage before the second reading.  Blosten said he would ask South Metro Land Conversancy if the language could be added to exclude all buildings.  Woods said there was the other side of the coin – in two or three years there could be a clever idea that was not included in the original conservation easement and it would be laborious to go back and get the contract changed. 

 Hillary, from the Trust for Public Land said that language would just keep the options open for the Master Plan.  If something is not specifically mentioned in the agreement it could not happen without an amendment and any amendment would take the approval of two additional boards.

 Brinkman was concerned about the security lighting – is it intended to light a parking lot?  The park is closed from dusk to dawn and a light would appear to be an invitation to people.  Woods suggested that they take a look at the other trailheads and see what the lighting is.

 Brinkman also questioned the language that states that the land is primarily to be used as open space – why primarily?  Blosten said there is a parking lot on the property owned by South Suburban that is adjacent to the City’s property.  If additional parking is needed it would be on the City’s portion of the land.

 Brinkman also wanted Littleton to be mentioned on any signs or billboards placed on the property along with the other entities responsible for the purchase of the open space.

 Clark suggested that they approve the motion and have a second reading on June 16th.  Tom Mulvey seconded.

 Clark thought what needed to be discussed was the definition of open space.  If it has blue grass and playing fields it is a park and not open space.  He thought this parcel should be part of the South Platte Park and it should be managed as such.  Make it part of the Master Plan – he was reticent to approve any restrictive language.

 John Ostermiller said it is not adjacent to South Platte Park and he didn’t know how they could attach it to the park.  Clark said he viewed everything along the Platte as part of the Park.

 Ostermiller said there were legal ramifications – the Master Plan may change but the South Platte Park may not allow the change.

 Jim Taylor said he had not heard anything that was a strong enough argument to amend the agreement.

 Clark said staff will get comments on lighting and structures for the Council.

 Ostermiller said if it is attached to South Platte Park Littleton would be responsible for 50% of the maintenance.  If it remained open space maintenance would be the responsibility of South Suburban.

 Motion passed 7/0 with second reading scheduled for June 16.


d)         Ordinance on First Reading  enacting Section 9-1-12 of the Littleton City Code pertaining to red-light cameras at signalized intersections within the City to detect violations of Section 603 of the Colorado Model Traffic Code – Brinkman moved and Peggy Cole seconded and the motion passed 7/0 with the seond reading scheduled for june 7th.

e)         Ordinance on first reading amending Sales Tax Code Sections 3-9-3-5 and 3-9-3-6 by establishing $100 limit to sales tax vendor fee – Passed 7/0.

 f)          Resolution Approving an IGA with Arapahoe County Regarding Participation in the Urban County CDBG Program, 2010-2012 – Motion passed 7/0.

 g)         Resolution to Approve an Intergovernmental Agreement with Arapahoe County for Open Space Funding – This motion passed 7/0. 

8.         Second and Final Reading on Ordinances and Public Hearings –

9.         General Business

a)         Approve Request to Appropriate Funds to South Suburban Park Foundation for Big Dry Creek Enhancement Project – This motion just approved the transfer of the money that had already been budgeted for this purpose.  Jim Taylor asked the Council to consider another $100,000 for the 2010 budget for a second bridge across the Big Dry Creek Trail.  Clark mentioned that the Council is working hard on the NE quadrant of the City with $250,000 on sidewalk and concrete work and the increased police and code enforcement in the area.  Brinkman mentioned the approval of the $100,000 pea patch too.  Motion passed 7/0.

 b)         Approve Main Street Closure for Get Wild on Littleton Block Party – Taylor moved to not bill the Chamber for the $2,500 for cleaning after the party.  This would make Littleton’s total contribution about $9,000Motion passed 5/2 with Ostermiller and Brinkman dissenting.

c)         Funding for Historic Preservation video – The HPB asked for $1,500 to put together a video for the December and January programming for Channel 8.  Kelli Narde told the Council that they are currently showing a program on the history of Littleton on Channel 8 that was originally produced several years ago.  Ostermiller moved to fund the HPB’s request from the Littleton Show for December and January. 

 Clark said we were not at the point to show a video on Historic Preservation – we have specific issues on historic preservation that we decided we needed to meet and discuss with the HPB.  They include consensual/nonconsensual admittance to the district, criteria that applies or doesn’t apply for admittance, the parking incentive, approving a building as historic only to tear it down and rebuild.  Bill Hopping, HPB, asked to postpone the meeting between the Council and the HPB and we haven’t discussed these issues.  It is a disservice to the citizens to do this until we have had the time to address the issues.  Is it really a historic district or an architecturally controlled district?  Who approves the design guidelines – the HPB or the Planning Commission?  How do you enforce historic preservation on Bega Park?  To make a commercial for HPB at this time doesn’t accomplish anything.  Pretending they are not problems doesn’t help the situation.

 Cole thought the video could be informative and help people to understand the history of Littleton.

 Taylor thought the video would be good and will bring an interest into the issues Clark mentioned.

 Brinkman said we already have a 30 minute show on the history of Littleton.  The HPB is one of several boards and commissions and it would be very hard to deny a 15 minute program for any of them but we don’t have the budget.  She did not support the 15 minute video for HPB.  The Council supported the True Grit forums and supports the HPB.  It is not about not doing it – it would take 6 years to do one for all the boards and commissions.  However, Brinkman would support another revenue source to do it.

 Mulvey was in favor of the idea.

 Jose said there are a lot of controversial issues with the downtown business people.  Most people don’t realize that the program is consensual.  But, any 3 members of the HPB could force a property onto the list of merit.  He said it was premature to put out a film and it should be delayed until after July.

 Cole amended the motion to focus on an overview of Littleton’s history to the vibrant community it is today.  Motion died for lack of a second.

 Main motion passed 4/3 with Brinkman, Clark and Jose dissenting.

 d)         Discuss options for regional animal shelter – discussed in an executive session.

e)  Added item by Cole.  Police Pipeline Hiring.  Cole had asked Woods to give the Council an update.  Woods said given the anticipated 2010 budget they have suspended the pipeline hiring as they would prefer not to hire someone only to have to let them go.  An officer retired recently and they will recruit for that position but it will not be filled until after the 2010 process as the recruitment is expected to take several months.

 10.       Consideration of Committee, Commission and Board Matters

 11.       Ordinances on First Reading

 12.       Resolutions

 13.       Comments / Reports

 a)         City ManagerA scope of services for police Option 1 will be ready for Council on July 14.

 b)         City AttorneySuzanne will be hosting a candidate forum on June 4th at 6pm for those interested in running for City Council in November.

 c)         Council Members Cole said she would like to discuss a 3 hour parking limit in downtown Littleton at a study session.  She also wanted to discuss the limited amount of time to study topics for their council meetings.  There are times (like tonight) when the agenda is full and getting the information on Thursday before a Tuesday meeting makes it difficult to get with staff to get questions and concerns answered.

Cole moved to allow the booths from the Artician’s Fair to remain open until 9 pm for the Get Wild on Littleton night.  Brinkman seconded.  Taylor asked why stop at 9?  Who is going to enforce it anyway?  Ostermiller said it would be up to the Chamber.

 Narde said they are two different events by two different organizers and we need to stay out of it.  Motion failed 1/6 with Jose in support.

 Brinkman mentioned the waiver of permit fees in Denver for a two week period and wondered if that might be something Littleton might want to do in order to stimulate the economy.  Clark said the use taxes would still have to be paid.  The Council will get a report from Jim Thelen with a brief analysis of what this might mean for Littleton.

 Mulvey asked the staff to see what could be done about the bricks at the WWII Memorial that are fading making the names difficult to read.  Staff will look into the matter.

 d)         Council President

 e)         DRCOG


14.        Adjournment

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