Littleton City Council Minutes – 21 July 2009

Citizen Minutes

Regular Meeting of City Council

City of Littleton, Colorado 

                                                                             Tuesday July 21, 2009

John Ostermiller was absent.

1.         Roll Call

 2.         Pledge of Allegiance

 3.         Agenda

 4.         Minutes

 a)         Minutes of Regular Meeting July 7, 2009

 b)         Minutes of Special Meeting July 14, 2009

 6.         Citizens Appearances

 a)         Guest Citizens

            Littleton Police Safety Day Volunteers

 b)         Scheduled public appearances

            CALEA Recertification Presentation

 7.         Consent Agenda Items

 a)         Ordinance on first reading approving the rezoning of  7088 S. Prince Street from R-L to R-E   – Second reading will be on September 15th.  Passed 6/0.

 b)         Resolution Approving a Subgrantee Agreement for the 2009 Arapahoe County Community Development Block Grant Program – Passed 6/0.

 c)         Ordinance on first reading submitting to the registered electors of the City of Littleton, Colorado, a proposed amendment to Littleton City Charter Section 58 related to the appointment of Municipal Court judges – Second reading will be August 4.  Passed 6/0.

 d)         Ordinance on first reading to designate 3986 W. Bowles Avenue as a historic landmark – Passed 6/0.

 e)         Resolution regarding Intergovernmental agreement with City and County of Denver for Urban Area Security Initiative – Passed 6/0.

 8.         Second and Final Reading on Ordinances and Public Hearings

 a)         Ordinance Authorizing Granting an Easement to Adjacent Property Owner for Water Pipeline at South Platte Park – Passed 6/0

 b)         Ordinance approving a Planned Development Plan (PD Plan) Amendment establishing signage standards at 7275 S. Broadway  – Passed 6/0

 9.         General Business

 a)         Motion to approve Planning Academy – Doug Clark moved to refer this to an ad hoc committee consisting of himself, Julio Iterreria (Planning Commission), Tom Kristopiet and Dennis Swain to create a more defined process.  Brinkman seconded.

 Peggy Cole asked that the committee address where it will be held, for the committee to recommend the medium for recording the sessions in order to reach the most people over a period of time and the cost of the hand outs.

 Clark said he had already discussed this with the proposed members and they all have agreed to serve.  Motion passed 6.0.

 b)         Discussion of building waiver fees for home improvements – Jim Thelan reported to Council on their request to implement a similar waiver program that was used successfully in Denver.  Thelan told the Council not to put a lot of faith in the numbers he presented – it is difficult to predict how much loss in revenue the City would see as a result of the permit waivers.  Tom Mulvey asked if the savings would be for citizens or contractors.  Thelan hoped for citizens.

 Clark asked if the staff could handle the workload if there was a significant response and Thelan said they could and would. 

 Clark moved to direct staff to create action to waive the permit fees on specific home improvement items and have the permits available for one month and expire in 180 days.  There was a second.  Clark amended his motion to exclude kitchen remodels, house remodels and basement finishing.  Jim Taylor seconded.  Brinkman asked if Thelen was comfortable with that and he said he would add AC replacement, water heaters and any over the counter permits.  Clark suggested that they vote down his amendment and it did fail 0/6.  The main motion passed 6/0.

 13.       Comments / Reports

 c)         Council MembersJose reported that the new walkways in downtown Littleton are popping up.  Woods said they were aware and would be contacting the contractor as they have a one year warranty.

 Brinkman said the South Platte Working Group will begin quarterly meetings.  The Fine Arts Committee continues to clean the bronze statues in the City.

 Mulvey reported that Jerry Call and Phil Cernanac (South Sub Board members) will not be available for the joint meeting to discuss the South Platte Management Plan and suggested they might want to reschedule the meeting.  Woods said the date had been set and public notice will be in the Littleton Report.

 Mulvey said South Sub is also talking about the renaming of the newly acquired Lee Gulch property and the Murray property which brought up a discussion about who gets to name these properties when they are jointly owned.

 Taylor attended a downtown merchants meeting and asked them if they would support a diagonal crosswalk that would extend 3 or 4 feet into the intersection at Prince and Main.    He moved to do so and his motion died for a lack of a second. (This is the third time Taylor has brought this up.)

 14.       Adjournment

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