Littleton City Council Meeting Minutes – August 4, 2009

Citizen Minutes

Regular Meeting of City Council

City of Littleton, Colorado



August 4, 2009


1.         Roll Call

2.         Pledge of Allegiance

3.         Agenda

4.         Minutes

a)         Minutes of Regular Meeting July 21, 2009

5.         Introduce New City Employees

6.         Citizens Appearances


a)         Guest Citizens – The Governing Council of the Littleton Immigrant Integration Initiative


7.         Consent Agenda Items


a)         Ordinance on first reading authorizing a Conservation Easement for Ensor Property – Passed 7/0


b)         Ordinance on first reading amending Section 2-2-1 and repealing Chapter 5 of Title 2 of the Littleton City Code related to the Business/Industry Affairs Advisory Committee – Peggy Cole moved to postpone this motion until after the August BIAAC meeting.  Her motion died for lack of a second.  The original motion passed 5/2 with Cole and Ostermiller dissenting.


c)         Ordinance on first reading amending Section  2-2-3 of the Littleton City Code related to the election of board and commission officers – Cole moved to amend the ordinance to include the word annually.  Her motion died for lack of a second.  Main motion passed  7/0.


8.         Second and Final Reading on Ordinances and Public Hearings

a)         Ordinance submitting to the registered electors of the City of Littleton, Colorado, a proposed amendment to Littleton City Charter Section 58 related to the appointment of Municipal Court judges. – Motion passed 7/0 so there will be a question on our ballots this November asking us if our Municipal Court Judge should have to reside in the City limits.


b)         Ordinance to designate 3986 W. Bowles Avenue as a historic landmark – Motion passed 7/0.


9.         General Business


a)         Consideration of an Agreement with City of Centennial for paving of Broadway – A motion to spend up to $160,000 in the 2009 Capital Budget, Street Rehab account be authorized for the resurfacing of South Broadway as described by staff was made by Jim Taylor and Tom Mulvey seconded.   Cole amended the motion to insert the words “contingent on agreement by Centennial to spend up to $160,000.  Her amendment was seconded by Taylor.  Both motions passed 7/0.


b)         Motion to authorize a contract with Intergroup Architects for police building design – Motion passed 7/0.  Intergroup will be presenting their work to the Council on October 13th.


c)         Resolution to approve transfer of contingency funds for Phase I of police building design – The motion to approve the transfer of contingency funds in the amount of $48,880 from the General Fund to the Building Improvements line item for the architectural and engineering services for the police operations addition  was made by Mulvey and seconded by Ostermiller.  Motion passed 7/0.


d)         Resolution to authorize grant funding for the immigrant program and a motion to incorporate the immigrant program into the Library Department – both motions were passed 7/0.  The Littleton Immigrant program is now part of the City and under the Library Department.


e)         Motion to proceed with an Ordinance on first reading on August 18, 2009 referring to the voters a new Lodging Tax – This motion was made by Mulvey and seconded by Taylor.  This motion would have placed a question on the ballot asking the voters to approve a lodging tax in Littleton.  The motion failed on a 2/5 vote with Taylor and Mulvey the only two in support.

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