October Council Meetings Will Be Very Important – A Must for All Concerned Citizens

The month of October holds a very heavy agenda for the Council.  They will be:

Approving the transfer of the Water Fund on October 6th – First Reading

Holding a Study Session with the Architects on the Police Building addition on October 13

Approving of the Water Fund Transfer on Second Reading (final approval) on October 20th and 2010 Budget approval on First Reading.  The City Attorney has been insturcted to bring the Council an Ordinance to transfer all the money in the Water Fund to the Special Projects Fund.

November 3 (election night) – Final approval of the 2010 Budget

Change In Council Minutes

If you did not read the minutes to the September 15th Council meeting then you are unaware that the minutes for future Council meetings will be “Action Minutes” only.  This will be the only place you will be able to read what happened.  You will still be able to go to the library and check out the video or watch the meeting of your choice on the Internet through Granicus.

Quick Guide to Who Is Contributing to Which Candidate – 2007 and 2009 Data

CFR for Blog 2007 2009 – If you want to see a quick reference to all campaign contributors and who they contributed money to in 2007 and 2009 – this will give you a quick look!

Littleton City Council Meeting – September 15, 2009

Citizen Minutes

Regular Meeting of City Council Continue reading