Littleton City Council Meeting – September 15, 2009

Citizen Minutes

Regular Meeting of City Council

City of Littleton, Colorado

7:00 p.m. Tuesday

Littleton Center September 15, 2009

1. Roll Call

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Agenda

4. Minutes

a) Minutes of Special Meeting August 25, 2009

b) Minutes of Regular Meeting September 1, 2009

5. Introduce New City Employees

6. Citizens Appearances

a) Guest Citizens

b) Scheduled public appearances – Rich Meredith, Executive Director, Hudson Gardens – Hudson Holiday Briefing – This is worth mentioning.  Hudson Gardens will have what looks like to be a fantastic light show Nov. 26 – Jan 3. 

 c) Unscheduled public appearancesNone

 7. Consent Agenda Items

 a) Motion to approve a Memorandum of Understanding with the National League of Cities to enhance the City’s immigrant integration programs – Approved 7/0

b) Resolution Approving the 2010 Highline Business District Operating Plan and Budget – Approved 7/0

8. Second and Final Reading on Ordinances and Public Hearings

 a) Ordinance regarding Petersen Rezoning from R-L to R-E, 7088 South Prince Street – Ernie Rose presented the rezone to the Council and recommended approval.

 Jim Blair presented on behalf of several of the citizens that lived in the area that opposed the rezoning for the following reasons.

 The rezone was for the economic benefit of one family and likened it to a Federal Bailout.

  • The rezone should not be approved until a new owner requested a rezone. 
  • The rezone was not consistent with the character of the existing neighborhood.  The rezoning would be the beginning of the slippery slope where 14 lots could easily be turned into 29.
  • The neighbors were concerned that the new owner/developer would not be concerned about the character of the neighborhood and to rezone it would imply that the Complan has no teeth.

 Other neighbors testified that the rezone would threaten the rural character of the neighborhood with the density that would be allowed, the rezone does not promote the general welfare of the neighbors, the rezone was only to help the applicant sell the property, and the applicant failed to show how the rezoning would benefit the community.

 One individual spoke in favor of the rezone saying that it will not affect the neighborhood and that it does comply with the Complan and the Heritage Neighborhood Plan.

 Norm Brown said the Planning Commission took this matter very seriously.

 Kurt Petersen said the change will not destroy the neighborhood and he had more faith in the city staff in any future decisions with the property if it was rezoned.  He would prefer to break it into two parcels but there is no zoning that would allow that.

 Jim Taylor asked Petersen why he did not go through the subdivision process.  Petersen said it was a more difficult and more time consuming process.

 John Ostermiller moved to close the public hearing.  Motion passed 7/0.

 Ostermiller then moved to deny the Ordinance for the rezoning saying it iwas not in compliance with the Complan that there were no changing conditions.  Peggy Cole seconded.  Motion passed 7/0.

 9. General Business

10. Consideration of Committee, Commission and Board Matters

11. Ordinances on First Reading

12. Resolutions

13. Comments / Reports

a) City Manager

b) City Attorney

c) Council Members

d) Council President


14. Adjournment



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