Election Results

CTY OF LTN – Council Mbr- At-Lg (Vote For Two)
32/32 100.00%
Under Votes 3688  
Over Votes 6  
  Vote Count Percent
— – Yoon Joo Mager 1,906 14.87%
— – Bruce Stahlman 5,547 43.28%
— – Peggy Cole 5,365 41.86%
Total 12,818 100.00%

The under votes represents the number of voters that voted for one candidate only.  This is a practice used by approximately 30% of the voters and is done in order to secure the four year term for their candidate.  In essence we have about 30% of the population that is in control of the election of the at-large members.  Some undervotes could represent voters that voted on the ballot question and did not cast a vote for any candidate at-large.

12/12 100.00%
Under Votes 446  
Over Votes 0  
  Vote Count Percent
— – James A. (Jim) Taylor 1,636 100.00%
Total 1,636 100.00%

The undervotes represents the number of voters that voted on the ballot question but did not cast a vote for the only andidate running in District 1, Jim Taylor.  The undervotes repreents about 28% of the voters in District 1.

8/8 100.00%
Under Votes 107  
Over Votes 3  
  Vote Count Percent
— – Phil Cernanec 1,506 61.65%
– – – Travis Nicks 937 38.35%
Total 2,443 100.00%

Very little undervoting took place in this race.

The new council will be sworn in on November 17th after the old council concludes their business.  The new council will vote on the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.  Just prior to the meeting there will be a reception in the community room for Tom Mulvey and John Ostermiller to thank them for their service to Littleton.  The public is invited.