Littleton City Council – Citizen Minutes 15 December 2009

Citizen Minutes

Regular Meeting of City Council

City of Littleton, Colorado

 1.         Roll Call

2.         Pledge of Allegiance

3.         Agenda

4.         Minutes

a)         Minutes of Special Meeting November 24, 2009

b)         Minutes of Regular Meeting December 1, 2009

c)         Minutes of Special Meeting December 8, 2009

5.         Introduce New City Employees

6.         Citizens Appearances 

a)         Guest Citizens – State 4A Champion Heritage High School Football Team 

b)         Scheduled public appearances – Nick Fisher, CEO, The Humane Society of the South Platte Valley – Mr. Fisher is opening a new humane society located at 2129 W. Chenango Avenue.  (If you remember, the Colorado Humane Society had to close due to some legal problems with their business practices.)  He has 6,500 square feet and hopes to open next week.  The facility will include a surgery clinic for spaying and neutering animals.  He is planning a Community Event to celebrate the new facility in February.  His goal is to have a “campus” that will not only house animals for adoption but also provide for service dogs.  In all the work he has done over the past several years, his experience with the City of Littleton has been the best relationship thus far. If anyone would like to volunteer the number to call is 303.703.2938.           

c)         Unscheduled public appearances 

Norm Brown, member of the Planning Commission however he made it clear that he was not representing the Planning Commission, told the Council that the vacancies on the Planning Commission needed to be filled.  He sited 2 examples of votes that were 3/3 and said the vacancies needed to be filled sooner than later and replacements need to be addressed when people resign.  He also referred to the Planning Commission’s Rules and Procedures, Article 1, Section 3 that addresses vacancies.  The rules state that members of the Planning Commission can submit names to the Council for appointment.  

Dave Mitchell indicated to the Council that he was interested in serving on the Planning Commission. 

Kim Glidden, owner of Two Potters in downtown Littleton, attended the Council meeting two weeks ago when the Council approved the Old Town Market.  She understood that there would not be a decision made at the meeting last week and that there would be a public hearing at this meeting.  She questioned why a private vendor was allowed to sell merchandise on the same corners where the local merchants cannot sell.  She said the Old Town Market days last year were the lowest revenue days of those months.  She was not in favor of the Old Town Market.  There are 88 retail businesses in the core area of downtown Littleton and only 49 belong to the Littleton Downtown Merchants.  She said there were misstatements made by Peggy Cooper at the last meeting and that no other business was given the opportunity to participate in the decision process.  She also thought the timing of the request was suspect being that it is the busiest time of the year for merchants. 

7.         Consent Agenda Items 

a)         Resolution Adjusting the Method Used to Determine the Valuation of a Construction Project – Approved 7/0

8.         Second and Final Reading on Ordinances and Public Hearings The three motions below are offered as more or less housekeeping to bring our Code in line with the State laws. 

a)         Ordinance Repealing Section 3-2-10(B)(2) and (3) of the Littleton City Code related to permits to consume liquor – Suzanne Staiert said as a practical matter the City stopped issuing these permits a year ago.  Motion passed 7/0. 

b)         Ordinance amending the Municipal Code establishing Art Gallery Liquor Permit provisions – This will not impact our museum as fine art and precious and/or semi-precious gems are not sold there.  Motion passed 7/0.

c)         Ordinance amending the Municipal Code concerning Liquor License fees and related fees and a Resolution establishing the fees for liquor license applications filed with the City of Littleton – This motion took the fees out of the Code and made them subject to a resolution for change.  The City’s liquor license fees have not changed in many years.  A resolution setting fees will make changing the fees easier in the future since a resolution does not require two readings and a public hearing.   Action was taken in two steps – the first to make the change from Ordinance to Resolution and then to change the fee structure by a resolution.  Both motions passed 6/1 with Doug Clark dissenting. 

d)         Added Item – Start time for the February 19th Council Workshop.  Peggy Cole moved to begin the meeting at 9am.  Clark seconded and motion passed 5/2 with Debbie Brinkman and Jim Taylor dissenting


b)         City Attorney – Suzanne met with the Liquor Board about matters related to medical marijuana.  Once an Ordinance is in place the Board will receive training. 

d)         Council President – Clark suggested that the Council take up a discussion of extending term limits for Boards and Commissions.  Do we want to keep them?  Brinkman said they also needed to discuss a policy on filling vacancies. 

14.       Adjournment


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