2nd and Final Reading on Medical Marijuana January 19th, 7pm

If medical marijuana regulations for dispensaries in Littleton are important to you this is the meeting where you will have an opportunity to address the Council prior to Council finalizing new city ordinances to regulate dispensaries in Littleton.

I have provided links (below) of the proposed Ordinances.

2 Responses

  1. Why limit a “grow operation” to only 20% of the floor space? Does O’tools garden center face the same limitations? How can you look at dispensaries as pharmacies on one hand and regulate them as liquer stores on the other? That doesn’t seem congruent. If your statistics show limited patients for the Littleton area, then how do you explain “A cut above’s” claim to be grossing $50,000 a month? That number alone dismisses all of your statistics concerning potential patients in Littleton. Someone get a calculator please!

  2. During last night’s proceeding, a rabbit trail led to the discussion about concerns of chemical or toxic “run off” from grow facilities. Indoor marijuana grow facilities don’t produce run off…period, end of subject. Not to mention that anecdotally, everyone I’ve ever inquired of is 100% organic. This is also the expectation of even the least sophisticated patient. Grow operations use bugs to kill bugs, not DDT! The fertilizers are natural and organic, just go to the grow store on south Broadway and see for yourself.

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