Littleton City Council Meeting with Sterling Ranch March 23, 2010

2010 03.23.10 Littleton Council Study Session with Sterling Ranch – follow the link to read my notes from the meeting and some comments from Councilmembers about what happened and what will happen.

2010 03.23.10 Sterling Ranch Council Documents – follow this link to see the four documents included in the Council’s package.  You will find Jim Woods’ memo, Chris Gibbons’ memo, a memo fro the LPD and the Sterling Ranch memo.

3-23-10 – Letter from Chatfield Community Assoc – if you follow this link you will find a lengthy memo written by the Chatfield Community Association stating the reason why they are in opposition to Sterling Ranch.

One Response

  1. The following link has a Denver Post article, which includes a great quote by Mayor Clark:

    “They are pretty desperate for water or they wouldn’t be doing this,” Littleton Mayor Doug Clark said Friday. “Anyone looking at this would say it is a stupid deal for Littleton.”

    Thank you so much for sharing a balanced view of the proceedings. It seems that lots of folks are thrilled about a super high density development, in an area with high wildlife populations, and a rural character that the locals love.

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