This Is How Rumors Start

2010 04.22.2010 S. Thornton Email on Budget – Susan Thornton wrote an email asking her friends if one of them could attend and take notes at an upcoming budget meeting with the Council and city staff.  Mind you there has not been any mention of specific budget cuts but she includes three items that are near and dear – could she be stirring up trouble?  You decide.  I have also included a response from Bruce Stahlman clearing up the purpose of the meeting.

6 Responses

  1. The examples of cuts given by Thornton are coming from her and not the Council. There has not been a discussion at the Council level about any specific cuts. Bruce, thank you for clarification.

    One item Thornton suggests is charging for the museum – we can’t – it is a Smithsonian Museum and an admission cannot be charged!

    Times are difficult enough without this kind of fear mongering. It is time to be sensible and reasonable which is exactly what the Council is in the process of doing.

    However, I think Thornton has a good idea – to attend the meeting. The more information we have as citizens the better off we are. I plan on attending and will be happy to share my notes with anyone interested………on the Blog.

    • Ray – if you read my writings you will notice that I use the last name often. Generally I refer to the person by both first and last names the first time their name is mentioned. For that point forward I use last name only – it is just shorthand and nothing more.

  2. We can’t charge to get into the museum, then charge them when they exit. (Well duh!)

  3. Well, you might more charitably regard it as random speculation intended to stimulate interest in the process and potential impacts on the community.

    I’m sure Susan et al. took as charitable a view of early concerns raised about the WalMart proposal…

  4. Greetings – As you all know, I seldom agree with Mrs. Bryeczek on issues dealing with Littleton. I am, however, polite when meeting or speaking with her. Thus I was dismayed that in her diatribe agains CFL F she just referred to “Thornton”, rather than Susan or Mrs. Thornton. So, Mrs. Brzeczek, . don’t yhou think your arguments might be better received with a bit of good manners>?


  5. Has R.K. ever seen the Littleton Leek? (well duh!)
    That’s his (C4LF) venue, as soon as he is brave enough to sign someone else’s name to it.
    I of course, treat everyone as Royalty.

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