Council Meeting 4 February 2014 – Citizen Minutes

City Council Meeting

4 February 2014

Citizen Minutes

Unscheduled Appearances

Frank Atwood announced his next economic discussion group will meet at Bemis in the lower level on February 25th.   Tom Kristopeit will be the guest speaker and the topic will be private/public partnerships such as the Riverfront.

John Watson expressed his concern about the possible flag pole annexation of South West Plaza into Littleton.  This is no economic basis for the annexation.  It is an aging mall in decline with the need of investment.

Jeanie Erickson began to address the project proposed for Belleivew and Irving called the Villages on Belleview.  She was interrupted by Phil Cernanec telling her that she could not address the council due to the quasi-judicial nature of the subject.  The deputy city attorney chimed in pretty much cutting Jeanie off.

Consent Agenda

6a) Resolution  approving  an Affiliation Agreement to Permit Clinical Trainingpassed 7/0
6b) Resolution approving a Memorandum of Understanding  for Regional Consolidation between  the City of Littleton, Colorado, Metropolitan Area Communications Center Authority, West Metro Fire Protection District and TriTech Software Systemspassed 7/0
6c) Ordinance on first reading amending city code sections 10-3-2, 10-4-7 and 10-8-2 allowing outdoor storage in the Central Area Multiple Use District subject to conditional use approval – This item was pulled and discussed.  The council communication reads:“The CA district is located in proximity to the downtown, from the railroad corridor to the South Platte River. The city’s zoning requirements do not allow outside storage of materials or equipment in retail zones, except the B-3 district if it is completely screened. The downtown provides a unique setting where outdoor events are commonplace and the retail buildings are visible from all perspectives, with little to no opportunities to hide equipment necessary for the events. The proposed ordinance is an attempt to facilitate downtown events that make our downtown active and viable while meeting the aesthetic standards adopted for the community.

The proposed ordinance would allow the planning board to approve outside storage subject to conditions, on a temporary basis. The hearing would allow input from adjoining residents and merchants, and specific conditions imposed for each individual case.”  I believe this is targeting the trailers parked on the Reinke Brothers parking lot.

Debbie Brinkman said the ordinance will not solve the problem. She suggested they kill it and let it play out in the courts.  Bruce Beckman was also concerned about whether it solved the issue.  The notes from the planning board indicated a vigorous discussion but it needed to be aired again.  The planning board vote of 3/2 out of a 7 member board was not strong support and he was not comfortable moving ahead.  Peggy Cole expressed her concern for visible and open storage.  We are trying to attract people with money to the downtown area and having open storage is counterproductive.  This is not the way to go.  She suggested a study session discussion on the subject.

Randy Stein mentioned that the city has offered to store the trailers that are offensive with conditions, waivers and insurance.  Michael Penny said the downtown merchants own the trailers and the city has offered to store them at the city’s public works facility.  Stein thought the council should oversee the enforcement rather than the planning board and he too wanted more discussion.

Cernanec asked that the ordinance be brought back with tighter time lines and a clearer process.  Brinkman added to remove the enforcement from the planning board so staff and law enforcement can deal with it.  She then moved to kill it, which passed on a 7/0 vote.


6d) Resolution authorizing an intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority for culvert rehabilitation on South Broadway – passed 7/0.
6e) Resolution approving an intergovernmental agreement with the State of Colorado, Department of Transportation for intersection improvements at South Broadway and County Line Roadpassed 7/0.
7a) Ordinance on second reading repealing and replacing chapter 10 of title 6 of the city code pertaining to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Actpassed 7/0.
7b) Ordinance on second reading conveying by quit claim deed the city’s interest in storm sewer easements to the private property ownerpassed 7/0


City Clerk, Wendy Heffner, reported on the Shopping Cart and Omni Bus schedule to assist citizens effected by the closure of King Soopers at Broadway and Littleton Blvd.  The following is on the city’s web site.

While the King Soopers grocery store at Littleton Boulevard and South Broadway is closed for renovations, shoppers may choose to ride the RTD bus #0 south to West Mineral Avenue and South Broadway where there is another Littleton King Soopers store and a Safeway store. Riders can catch the bus in front of the Littleton Square shopping center at Littleton and Broadway every half hour from 4:49 a.m. to 2:20 a.m. There is a charge of $2.25 each way for the 10-minute trip.

Littleton residents who are disabled or age 55 or over may utilize the city’s free Shopping Cart or Omnibus program.  The Omnibus will pick up passengers at Wells Fargo Bank, 5601 South Broadway, on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. and return them at 11 a.m.; and pick up passengers on Fridays at noon and return them to the bank at 2 p.m.  Due to the closure of the Littleton Boulevard King Soopers, modifications have been made to the Shopping Cart schedule.  It will take passengers to the Mineral Avenue King Soopers.  Check the Shopping Cart and Omnibus program page to see the full schedule.

Jerry Valdes asked for a second pick up and drop off location on the south side of Littleton Blvd.  Penny said they would track the use and be responsive.  Valdes suggested the South Metro Housing property as a possible second location so citizens won’t have to cross Littleton Blvd with their groceries.

Heffner also reported that there are 42 applicants for the open positions – that number includes those current members who want to be reappointed.  Interviews will take place next week.  (The interviews will not be televised but taped for later viewing.)

Valdes asked Penny to give a report on the Sterne Parkway construction project.  Penny said he was not prepared to do so.  Valdes asked if Charlie Blosten could respond.  Penny responded by reading from an email that he had written to Valdes in response to his request that a report be given.  Valdes said the project had been extended for three months and there is little activity going on over there.  Penny said the project was being managed by Urban Drain.  Valdes said to get it done – it is inconvenient for the residents.

Cole suggested that council add language to their agenda that explains to citizens that quasi-judicial matters cannot be addressed except during the public hearing. Penny preferred not to do so; he did not want to run the risk of implying the wrong message but he would work with the mayor on additional language for the preamble.

Cole also asked if the CIRSA study (on the undervaluation of the city’s assets) was due in March.  Penny said yes.

Stein commented on Cole’s request for the additional language on the agenda for an application that had not been submitted to either the planning board or the council.    It was nonsensical to try and anticipate what we don’t know and can’t talk about.  Cole thought it would be helpful to let people know they needed to wait to comment until the appropriate time on quasi-judicial matters.

Brinkman was not in favor of adding language about quasi-judicial matters on the agendas.  The paragraph is lengthy enough and she wasn’t sure it had the intended effect anyway.  Quasi-judicial runs from when someone has an “idea about doing something” to the “actual application being put in.”

Brinkman reported that she, Stahlman, Jim Taylor and Mike Braaten , the “power players, “ went to the legislature to talk to Linda Newell, Kathy Conti and Daniel Kagan about the urban renewal changes and construction defects law changes they wanted to see in both laws – especially with regard to in-fill developments.  They took DVDs of the Economic Sympoisum that was held at the Alamo last year, urban renewal success stories, city maps, and interest areas and redevelopment areas were identified.

Beckman asked for the camera traffic controlled intersections to be looked at this year.

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