Columbine Square Analysis-September 25, 2003

“Click on the link to download a 2003 study of retail land use in Littleton, and of conditions surrounding the Columbine Square shopping center. It may be outdated in places, but it still gives lots of useful reference data. (PDF file, 36MB) Columbine Square Analysis copy

City Council Study Session – Urban Renewal – 25 February 2014 Citizen Minutes

Littleton City Council Study Session – Citizen Minutes

22 February 2014

This meeting was a meeting for council to hear about urban renewal from the professionals and Littleton Invests for Tomorrow (LIFT), which is the reinvention of the Riverfront Authority. Continue reading

Charter Review Committee Meeting – 5 March 2014 – Citizen Minutes

Charter Review Meeting

5 March 2014

Unscheduled Public Comments

Jack Randall addressed Sec. 51 on Severance Pay – we are not in the habit of firing city managers Continue reading