21 April 2014 LIFT Meeting (Urban Renewal) – Citizen Minutes

LIFT Meeting – Citizen Minutes

21 April 2014

The meeting was held in the meeting room in the basement of Bemis Library.  The room is noisy and the commissioners did not speak up nor did they use a microphone so it was a very difficult meeting to hear. Even some of the commissioners had problems hearing the others speak.

Commissioners are:  Jim Taylor, Jim Collins, La Donna Jurgensen, Dennis Reynolds, Bill LaJoie, Gary Johnson and Dale Flowers who was absent.

Pam Chadbourne addressed the LIFT Authority (Authority) and asked them to post their meetings on the city’s website and at the city center as well as a draft of their meetings.

She mentioned that when the boundary for their study areas goes down the center of the street they may not be including some areas that will need infrastructure to be included in the urban renewal plan.

Collins asked the attorney if all survey areas need to be defined in the maps.  She said no.  Collins told Pam she had her answer.

The By-Laws were reviewed.  Lajoie thought it was a good idea to indicate the annual audit would be performed by an independent auditor in conjunction with the City.  Reynolds asked a question that I was unable to hear well enough to report.  Jurgensen responded that the Authority is a component of the City.  Taylor said they were independent of the City and they could use the same auditor which is convenient and more economical.   Jurgensen said the City does control this board and we have to be included in their financial statement.

Collins offered language to be included in the By-Laws that indicated that the audit could be performed independently or in conjunction with the city’s audit.  Jurgensen asked if the Authority had an audit and LaJoie said it has always been done as part of the city.

Jurgensen had questions about Section 5 & 6 – the executive director has to keep regular books and accounts of TIF transactions – who maintains the financial records of the Authority?  The response was that Tari Sears, their recording secretary, does.

It was noted that the Executive Director is not authorized to sign contracts but can approve draws.  Jurgensen recommended striking a portion of the draft By-Laws but since the public was not provided any copies of any materials the Authority was discussing it is impossible for me to report.

Jurgensen asked if the recording secretary was a valid position?  She also asked if the By-Laws they were looking at were restated from the old Authority?  Taylor told her they were new.    She asked if their name had been legally changed?  Does it require legal action?  The attorney said if the Authority had voted to change their name from Littleton Riverfront Authority to Littleton Invests for Tomorrow (LIFT) then that was all that was required.

The By-Laws were approved as amended with a 6/0 vote.

Next for review was their CORA (Colorado Open Records Request) policy, which was not made available to the public.  Jurgensen asked if the requests go to the Chair.  Collins asked if Tari Sears was the custodian?  Sears said yes and no; some records are held by the City Clerk.  Sears keeps records for one year and then turns them over to the City Clerk.

The CORA policy was approved 6/0

Media Policy was next – again no copy was provided to the public.  There were questions about the last part of the policy that dealt with decisions that were made by the Authority that perhaps a member did not agree with.  The intent, from the discussion, seemed to silence that member from speaking out.  Collins made the statement, in response to Jurgensen’s concern, that it was there to overcome the first amendment.  Thompson suggested just striking the sentence.  Collins said it would be nice to be able to explain our personal opinions and suggested a qualifier be placed in the sentence that we “will attempt”.  Policy was adopted as amended 6/0.

Taylor mentioned the City of Littleton was hosting community meetings in the parks this summer and suggested that they should be there as well.  May 13th and June 24th are the upcoming dates.

Their next meeting is May 19th and they will try to meet in a smaller room across from the large meeting room in the basement of Bemis; members complained that they room was noisy.

Taylor made a statement that the Ricker contract was almost complete.  (Ann Ricker is the consultant that will be doing the surveys of the areas identified by the LIFT Authority for designation for urban renewal.)



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