Littleton Riverfront Authority Brief History from 1980 to 2014

With the reincarnation of the Littleton Riverfront Authority (LRA) to LIFT (Littleton Invests for the Future) citizens have wondered what the history of the LRA truly is.  Were bonds defaulted?  Did Littleton tax payers provide funds to LRA and were the funds paid back?  Did the City give property to LRA and were the taxpayers paid for that property?  How many bonds were issued?  Were they ever paid off?  Who sat on the Authority over the year?  What areas in Littleton are designated blighted for possible new urban renewal projects?

You will find that this is not a brief document; it can’t be – there are 34 years of history to report. Riverfront Authority Meeting Minutes for WordPress 6.1.2014

I will be posting two more versions – one that just shows financial info and one that will give the reader an idea, by year, what was happening so if you are interested in the bonds you will know which minutes to refer to.  If you want to know about condemnation and relocation of residents and businesses you will be able to see what years to refer to as well.

If you want to search by year for a particular event this will help you narrow down the year without having to read the entire history to get you where you want to go.Littleton Riverfront Authority Actions by Year for WordPress

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