Urban Renewal Urban Renewal Blight Conditions Reports for Columbine Square, Littleton Blvd, and North Littleton (Santa Fe coming soon)

Ricker | Cunningham, consultants, were hired by Littleton Invests for Tomorrow (LIFT) to survey four different areas in Littleton for “blight” in order to declare the area part of an urban renewal plan.  These reports were presented to LIFT at the June meeting.  On July 21, 2014 LIFT will meet to discuss the boundaries for the four areas surveyed by Ricker | Cunningham for LIFT.  The LIFT board will decide what properties they want to include and which ones they want to exclude for urban renewal purposes.  Follow these links to read what conditions were found in order to blight all properties in the designated areas.  The Santa Fe Corridor study will be added once I have it completed.

Littleton Blvd     Columbine Square    North Littleton     Santa Fe Square Survey Report     These files are big and may take a few minutes to load.

Note:  These documents were not readily available to the public and I had to submit a Colorado Open Records Act request to get them.  I was denied an electronic form – Jim Taylor, Chair of LIFT, wrote that they were not available to LIFT.  Somewhat strange in this day and age that an electronic form would not be available.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for doing this. These are extremely important studies, and the fact that they are suppressed is troubling. Note that in the actual “Urban Renewal Report”, these massive blight studies are glossed over in literally one sentence.

    Example from the Littleton Blvd. one: “The Littleton Boulevard Area Conditions Survey…demonstrates that the Littleton Boulevard Area (“Study Area”), as defined in the Survey, is a blighted area.”

    For all the spouting about LIFT’s spouting about keeping open communication lines open, the fact that you had to submit an open records request to get these is a troubling sign.

    Look – there’s no doubt Littleton, especially its shopping centers, need a facelift. But after the failure of Riverfront as well as the EXTENSIVE use of eminent domain along Santa Fe in Sheridan for the RiverPoint development, this is concerning.

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