Citizen’s Petition to Amend Charter – Why Should Taxes Intended for LPS go to Urban Renewal? Support the Citizen’s Initiative

A group of citizens are gathering signatures of registered Littleton voters to amend the City Charter to add a new section on Urban Renewal.  Urban Renewal is generally funded by Tax Increment Financing (TIF) which diverts tax dollars intended for the City, County, Littleton Public Schools, South Suburban and Urban Drainage to the Urban Renewal Authority, LIFT.

We believe that if the city council approves an urban renewal plan that includes TIF and the use of eminent domain that voters should have a say in whether or not their tax dollars that were intended for the schools and other taxing entities should go to the Urban Renewal Authority aka LIFT.  Here is the actual language being proposed as a new section to the Charter:

“Any council action approving or modifying an urban renewal plan pursuant to Part 1 of the Colorado Urban Renewal Law must be ratified by the registered electors of the City of Littleton if the approval or modification of the urban renewal plan proposes the use of or changes to eminent domain, condemnation, tax increment financing, revenue sharing, or cost sharing.”

If you would like to sign the petition, please email  If you would like to carry a petition do the same!  We need 3,152 signatures………….if you agree, please email us so we can get a petition in front of you to sign.  Your signature is valuable!!!

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