Arapahoe County Says No to Santa Fe and Columbine Urban Renewal Areas

On Sept. 16th City Council passed a Resolution stating the following:

The city council hereby directs city staff to include all impacted taxing entities in the financial discussions for any development project, which may utilize tax increment financing through the city’s urban renewal authority, to ensure that no urban renewal project moves forward without the full support and approval of all impacted taxing entities.

Arapahoe County has just weighed in, which is required by law, and they have said No!  We don’t know what this means but we know that the Resolution states that without their full support and approval no urban renewal projects will move forward.  We shall see!

To read the letters follow the links.

141028 Ltr BoCC to Littleton re Columbine Square URA

141028 Ltr BoCC to Littleton re Sante Fe URA


More Urban Legends and Myths-Another Citizen Chimes In

Claimed Urban Legend: Tax Increment Financing (TIF) will reduce tax revenue available to Littleton Public Schools (LPS), South Suburban Parks and Recreation, and Arapahoe County.

Truth: LIFT has no ability to impose taxes. Continue reading

When is a Plan Really a Plan? LIFT Approves Two Urban Renewal Plans The Haven’t Been Written!

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Urban Renewal vs Urban Legend! You Decide

Urban Renewal – Myth or Legend

The city has decided to use our tax dollars to mail out to each household a slick brochure trying to debunk what they call the “urban legend.”  City Council approved the expenditure of $25,000 for the “invitations” entitled Urban Renewal vs Urban Legend.

The city is obviously responding Continue reading