When is a Plan Really a Plan? LIFT Approves Two Urban Renewal Plans The Haven’t Been Written!

Yes, it is true!  The LIFT Board voted 5 to 1 to approve the Urban Renewal Plans for Littleton Blvd and North Broadway and they haven’t been written yet!  Member Jim Collins said he was comfortable doing so since the plans were “boiler plate” and the specifics for each plan would be filled in by the consultant.  Chairman Jim Taylor said they were running out of time and needed to get them approved.  The public expressed their concern about approving a document that not only had the board not seen it but the public did not have an opportunity to review it either.

Member La Donna Jurgensen was not comfortable voting for a plan she hadn’t seen.

Later in the meeting there was a brief discussion about the tax increment financing that was in the two plans that they had voted on – question being was sales tax increment included.  Too bad they didn’t have a written plan to review!

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