County Assessor Requests Notification on Urban Renewal Areas – Still Waiting as of 12.01.2014

 2014 11.19.2014 from Corbin Assr plan Littleton  follow link to read letter from County Assessor to City of Littleton and LIFT

Arapahoe County Objects – Appoints Arbitrator and Waits for City To Do Same – Urban Renewal Impact Reports

The Urban Renewal law requires impact reports be provided to the county showing how an urban renewal project will impact the county.  This is important because urban renewal projects will siphon taxes away from the county for 25 years plus but the county is still required to provide the urban renewal areas with the same services that the rest of the county receives.  This puts a financial strain on the county which is already losing about $1.5 million a year due to urban renewal projects.  (The impact reports should be based on a specific project but the plans approved do not have any projects identified as required by the law.  Therefore, the impact reports are based on the current zoning of the land which is most likely not what will happen with the land under urban renewal.  The impact reports have no basis in reality.)

The Arapahoe County Attorney has sent letters to LIFT and the City Council stating that they are challenging the impact reports provided on the Santa Fe Corridor and Columbine Square Urban Renewal Areas.  They have appointed their Arbitrator and now the city has to do the same.  Then the two Arbitrators will select a third before proceeding with the challenge.

Since all four of the urban renewal plans are all “boiler plate” I would suspect we will see the same type of challenge to come forward if the Littleton Blvd plan and the No. Broadway plan are approved.

I also expect that the County Assessor will be challenging the inclusion of the agricultural land in the Santa Fe Corridor plan as the law was amended in 2010 to make it virtually impossible to include agricultural land in an urban renewal area.

141119 Carl Ltr on behalf of BoCC to Littleton Council re Columbine Square URA Plan Objection

141119 Carl Ltr on behalf of BoCC to Littleton Council re Santa Fe URA Plan Objection