City Council Meeting Minutes 11.17.2015 – Citizen Minutes

City Council Regular Meeting          17 November 2015                      Citizen Minutes – Highlights submitted by Carol Brzeczek

Ord 102-2015 – Second Reading on the Angelo’s Traverna project on Santa Fe Drive just south of the Breckenridge Brewery

Project Description

The GPDP (General Planned Development Plan) proposes moderate-intensity development on a 4.6 acre parcel that allows for a variety of commercial uses. The applicant plans to develop a second location for his Denver restaurant, Angelo’s Taverna, at the front of the site, and build an office building for the Pennsylvania-based business, Chatham Financial.  The proposed architecture style is rural vernacular, which is reflective of the character of agricultural building forms. The traffic signal at South Santa Fe Drive and Brewery Lane will serve as the access. Once on Brewery lane, motorists will use private streets on the Breckenridge Brewery and Designs by Sundown properties to access the site at its northwest corner, as planned for in the 2013 planned development overlay. A second access point for emergency vehicles only is located on South Santa Fe Drive. A future shared access drive from South Santa Fe Drive, contemplated in both the 2013 planned development overlay and the application, is not a part of the applicant’s immediate plans.

Public Hearing – 

The Wolhurst neighbors offered their support for the project.

Pam Chadbourne pointed out the inconsistent approach the council is taking with the approval of this project. Specifically she was referring to the fact that The Grove project was approved without a rezoning application required even though The Grove does not meet the setback requirements in the zoning code and this project has had to go through a rezoning and will be meeting the 100 foot setback in the code. She told the council they were not enforcing the rules the same between applicants and there is a behind the scenes process that is not public. She thought the council was in a catch 22 position – to say that one applicant can get away with what this applicant needs approval.

Ordinance passed 7/0.

Election of New Mayor and Mayor ProTem

Bruce Beckman was elected 7/0 to be the new mayor. He read from his prepared script upon his election – I mention this because it is important to demonstrate that there were meetings of some sort outside of the public view to determine who the Mayor would be – Beckman knew he would be elected and had his remarks prepared ahead of time.

Debbie Brinkman was elected mayor pro tem on a 6/1 vote with Doug Clark dissenting.







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