TrailMark HOA Minutes Sep. 10, 2015 – City Manager Confirms Station to be Built by June 2016 – No Council discussion has taken place…..publically anyway

September 10, 2015


Michael Penny (City of Littleton Manager)

Michael Penny gave the following information in his update about happenings with the City of Littleton as they pertain to Trailmark.

Debbie Brinkman and Bruce Stahlman have been an advocates for TrailMark and improving services here, primarily focused on fire/medical responses. Debbie and Michael have been working together to improve services in Trailmark. Service delivery has been an issue in Trailmark with regard to all services, including public works, police, and fire.

Michael stated that the City of Littleton is committed to providing appropriate municipal services to the Trailmark subdivision. Debbie Brinkman will lead charge through city council. The City is currently in negotiations to acquire all or a portion of Shea property at the front of Trailmark. The property was originally meant to be a commercial area. The City is currently looking at a design-build mock-up of about 7000 square feet at a cost of approximately 1.25 million dollars. It would include a full-time fire station, part-time medic, police, and public works units.

The space is being designed with the idea of adding recreation facilities at some future time as a part of the building. Most of that is bay space, which is planned for equipment. South suburban will have a bay out here as well for their maintenance needs.

Shea Homes was not amenable to donating the land, but they are amenable to a deed restriction of municipal services. The current status is that they are waiting on appraisal to come back – Shea has said they are willing to sell at least a portion of the property to the City. The buildable amount of property is not as large as seems because of water main easement running through it, but Michael feels it is big enough to house the proposed municipal services as well as some recreation in the future.

Modification of contract – Michael stated that the West Metro contract runs through March of 2016. He says there are only about 3 emergency calls per month in Trailmark, only one of which is legitimate emergency. Littleton has not been happy with the response times from West Metro. Station 16 will respond in the time between the end of West Metro Contract and the building of a station in Trailmark– which is slated for June 2016, according to Michael’s projections.


Homeowner Sherm asked about the allocated ground for fire at the entrance to the south – what are the plans? Michael says there are no plans for using that land right now. Sherm also asked some questions about response times for emergencies as well as police presence and response in the community. Michael stated that part of the reason for a lack of police presence is our lack of crime.

Michael stated that if residents want to demonstrate support for additional municipal and/or rec facilities in Trailmark, they should contact Debbie Brinkman and/or Bruce Stahlman to ask them to support this, especially with regard to the funding that will be needed.

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