TrailMark to Get New Fire Station – Or So It Seems – Council Has Yet to Discuss This Publically

Below is a memo from the city manager to the city council members.  Apparently it no longer takes a vote of the council to move forward with the building and staffing of a fire station in Littleton.  Don’t get me wrong, TrailMark deserves the same response times to their emergencies as we do.  We will have to wait until December to know what this station will cost the taxpayers of Littleton.

I will also post the TrailMark HOA minutes – they have been briefed on the coming fire station even though it has not been a council discussion – at least not in public.  Since this memo was written we have learned that Shea Homes and the city were unable to negotiate a suitable arrangement for the station.  Latest word we have is that it will be built inside the subdivision.

On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 2:19 PM, Michael Penny <> wrote:

Council, I want to update you on two major issues we’ve had over the years which we are making significant progress on.

The first is Trailmark.  As you are aware, we have been lacking municipal service delivery in the area since the area was annexed.  Several years ago we had a medical situation which highlighted the impacts of delayed fire response.  The reality is that our law enforcement response could be even more delayed.  Our public works service delivery warrants complaints every year.  The parks and recreation service delivery has been recently on the top of the neighbors complaints.  Therefore, my approach has not been to focus on fire response times (and certainly not some hypothetical ISO rating) – my approach has been to look at a comprehensive and appropriate level of municipal service delivery which addresses the issues while respecting the physical size and distance of the neighborhood.  So where are we…?  Shea Homes owns a large parcel in front of the subdivision and is willing to part with the property (we are currently waiting for an appraisal and should have it within a month).  We are in negotiations with Lockheed to provide fire and medical service to their facility south of Trailmark and to provide an on-site law enforcement officer (Think SRO – Bill, I will explain).  We are looking at a facility on the Shea property which would provide for fire, police, pw, and potentially, parks and rec services.  Essentially a small station and several bays for vehicles and then a recreation facility of some type.  Lockheed would like us to take over services beginning in March of 2016 so we are under a tight timeframe to move some type of facility forward.  We are working on a design build approach and looking at a total cost (not including recreation) of about 1.25 million.  This would be spread over two years and would be paid for from Lockheed and the City (with some from the fire district) – details have not been worked out.  This solution would address the age old complaints which we have been dealing with essentially since time of annexation.  The addition of Lockheed into the conversation is what is now moving this forward to an appropriate solution.  We will be coming to council when the details are more flushed out and we have agreements in place. We are waiting on Lockheed at the moment.


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