Littleton’s Ordinance Regarding Impact Fees – How They Have To Be Used – Does TrailMark Qualify Under Our Own Ordinance?

Follow this link to read Littleton’s Impact Fee Ordinance – 7c attachment  If you want to save some time read below.

To save you time here are the important statements in the Ordinance passed by council in 2013.

WHEREAS, the capital facility impact fee system must respect broad equal  protection concepts to ensure there is an essential nexus between the capital facility impact fee and the mitigation of specific adverse impacts associated with new development. (Page 1, line 42)


Purpose:  The purpose of this chapter is to charge a capital facility impact fee to applicants for nonresidential and residential development in the City to fund capital improvements needed to address demand attributable to new development for fire, museum, police, facilities, library, parks and transportation.  (Page 2, line 30)


The city council intends that the capital facility impact fees collected pursuant to this chapter are to be used to fund expenditures for capital facilities attributable to new development.  (page 3, line 11)

Is TrailMark a new development that has create adverse impacts on Littleton?  Are the Impact Fees recently collected and to be collected in the future and proposed to be used to build a fire station in TrailMark the result of new development?  You decide!


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  1. I’ve posted the ordinance on YLYV

    Next we need a 2-3 sentence explanation of what the council did and how that impacts the taxpayers.

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