Tax Increment Fees Announced by Arapahoe County – How Much is Being Collected for Urban Renewal?

Each year the counties have to certify mill levies for each jurisdiction including urban renewal projects.  The report for Arapahoe County shows the following.

What this reflects is the amount of improvements made in each of the areas that has created increment and therefore higher property taxes over and above the annual rate of increase that we all see in each of our property tax bills.  None of the improvements were the result of urban renewal but they are entitled to the money none the less.

Right now the Santa Fe Urban Renewal Area is in dispute so the property that is zoned agricultural (Ensor property and some of the property where Breckenridge Brewery is located) are not included in the area.  If the City  (LIFT) prevails in court (January 2016) then we will see the increment increase dramatically with the inclusion of Breckenridge Brewery.  If the County prevails the properties will be excluded from the plan area.

Remember, the plans call for the TIF to be collected for 25 years – this is year #1.


Tax Entity 2015 No Broadway No Broadway
Mill Levy Increment Revenue
LPS 0.053423941 $2,829,649 $151,171.00
So Sub 0.008650896 $2,829,649 $24,479.00
Littleton 0.00666196 $2,829,649 $18,851.01
Urban Drain/Flood 0.00055307 $2,829,649 $1,564.99
Urban Drain So Platte 5.79577E-05 $2,829,649 $164.00
Arap Cty 0.01485591 $2,829,649 $42,037.01
Totals 0.084203734 $238,267.01
Ltn Blvd Ltn Blvd Increment
LPS 0.053422602 $303,205 $16,198.00
So Sub 0.008650912 $303,205 $2,623.00
Littleton 0.006662159 $303,205 $2,020.00
Urban Drain/Flood 0.00055408 $303,205 $168.00
Urban Drain So Platte 0.000059365 $303,205 $18.00
Arap Cty 0.014854636 $303,205 $4,504.00
Totals 0.084203754 $25,531.00
Santa Fe Santa Fe Increment
LPS 0.053412867 $36,714 $1,961.00
So Sub 0.03993469 $7,963 $318.00
Littleton 0.0066732 $36,714 $245.00
Urban Drain/Flood 0.0005447 $36,714 $20.00
Urban Drain So Platte 0.00005447 $36,714 $2.00
Arap Cty 0.0148444 $36,714 $545.00
Totals 0.115464327 $3,091.00

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