City Suing County – To Be Heard in District Court on Jan. 22, 2016 – In Littleton

The City of Littleton is suing Corban Sakdol, Arapahoe County 
Assessor, over the makeup of the city s Santa Fe Urban Renewal Area.

In 2010 the state legislature put strict limitations on blighting 
agricultural land and including that land in urban renewal areas 
because of what the legislature considered to be abuses of urban renewal by 
cities in Colorado. The Santa Fe Urban Renewal Plan includes a
substantial amount of agricultural land, mainly south of Mineral 
between Santa Fe Drive and the South Platte River – the so called 
Ensor property. The assessor has determined, as required by state law, 
that the inclusion of the agricultural land in the urban renewal 
plan does not conform to state law. The city of Littleton is suing Corban 
Sakdol to overturn his decision. That trial starts at 8:45 AM this 
Friday, Jan 22, 2016, at 1790 W Littleton Blvd., court C-1.

The Ensor property sprang into the news last October 2015 when the 
Villager Newspaper ran a story quoting council member Debbie
Brinkman as saying a Wal-Mart and Sam s Club were coming to 
Littleton on that property. The City Council created the Santa Fe 
Urban Renewal Plan in November 2014 in order to provide incentives for the 
development of the Ensor property, and the City Manager
announced 2 weeks ago the property was under contract to a 
developer. This trial will determine whether that property can 
remain in the urban renewal plan and therefore receive millions in incentives 
through urban renewal.

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