City Council Meeting – 23 Feb. 2016 – Applicants Selected for Boards and Commissions – to be ratified later

City Council Study Session – Board and Commission Applicants Interview                    Citizen Minutes

Updated 13 March, 2016

23 February 2016

Council met to interview applicants for board and commission appointments. There has been an attitude that if council expresses their decisions without taking a roll call vote that they are not voting. Polling or coming to a consensus is not a vote in their view. This is important – our charter says that the council can only act by making a motion, a resolution or via an ordinance. So if the council does not make a motion or take an official roll call vote but expresses their opinion that is not considered a vote. In this instance not much damage is done but if this attitude prevails there will be an instance when the consequences have more impact on the community. Continue reading