Urban Renewal Community Conversation Well Attended – 2nd Meeting to be Scheduled

10 March citizens of Littleton had an opportunity to have urban renewal and tax increment financing explained by the expert in the field – Mike Kerrigan who works for the State of Colorado in the Department of Property Taxation.  Mike was joined by Curt Settle who also works for the Department of Property Taxation.  Among the interested citizens, candidates for public office (state and county) and elected members of Littleton, Englewood and Arapahoe County were in attendance.

Not surprising, most of the evening was spent explaining the implementation of tax increment financing  in Littleton.  Citizens struggled with the fact that property tax increment dollars from the new King Soopers (Broadway and Ltn Blvd)  will flow away from the schools, parks, city and county and go to Littleton’s urban renewal board, LIFT.  When asked how could that be when LIFT had nothing to do with the redevelopment of the King Soopers store Mike Kerrigan said he understood the citizens frustrations but that was the way the law was written.  It was reported that there’s over a quarter of a million dollars of increment going to LIFT and there’s not a single project in any of the urban renewal areas.  So how could LIFT be collecting money when there hasn’t been any development?  Again, Kerrigan said he understood the question and underlying sentiment but until the legislation is changed his job is to write the regulations for the Assessor’s Research Library* to implement the law as it is written.

After the meeting Mike and Curt both said they were quite pleased that so many citizens were interested in the subject of urban renewal and they both expressed how pleased they were with the level of questions that were asked.

The meeting was such a success that attendees have asked  for another.  So we will heed the request and schedule a second session with Arapahoe’s County Assessor Corbin Sakdol and his Deputy Monica Babbitt.  They will be able to discuss their role in urban renewal that includes the collection and division of the tax increment for the four Littleton urban renewal plans.  We may even have a decision on the city’s law suit against the county on the inclusion of agricultural land in the Santa Fe Urban Renewal Area.  Stay tuned for date and time.

To see documents provided by DOLA follow the link From Curt Settle DOLA Scanned from a Xerox Multifunction Device


*The Assessor’s Research Library (ARL) is a set of rules and regulations that are written by the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA)/Dept of Property Taxation that provides the instructions to the county assessors on how to calculate base and increment for urban renewal plans.  They do not do this in isolation.  There’s a public meeting held periodically to provide input to DOLA for updates and revisions.


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