Don Bruns’ Open Space/Parks Comments to Council Part 2

“Don worked nearly 45 years of public service in recreation and scenery management, doing planning, environmental reporting, training, and program administration.  Among the things that made his job meaningfully worthwhile was being able to engage with pragmatic-minded recreation, leisure and behavioral scientists to help advance state-of-the-art recreation science beyond facility and program management that simply accommodates “fun and games.”  Here in the US, and sometimes internationally, Don had the privilege of helping several parks and recreation agencies and organizations learn how to optimize public recreation benefits by assessing the kinds of benefits that people want from open-space, wild lands and parklands, and then structuring both setting and service environments on which positive outcomes depend to match up with the desires of publics being served.”


For Littleton City Council—February 16, 2016

Follow-up remarks Council members made to observations I presented two weeks ago regarding the “Littleton Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan Survey” were so provocative, they beg for further clarification. It was good to hear Councilman Cernanec acknowledge Frederick Law Olmstead’s emphasis on parkland quietude. Indeed, that advocacy for maintenance of place character prompted Justin Martin to entitle his Olmstead biography, Genius of Place. Continue reading