LIFT UR Exec Director Under Fire in Colorado Springs

From the Denver Post, April 22, 2016

Jim Rees, referred to in the article, is the Exe Director of the Colorado Springs URA and is also the Exe Director of LIFT, the URA in Littleton.


IMG_1896 Denver Post 4-22-2016

Urban Renewal Quiz

I prepared an Urban Renewal Quiz for the Community Conversation with Mayor Beckman on April 14, 2016.  As stated when I handed out the quiz, Continue reading

City Council Study Session 12 April 2016 – Retail MJ, Drones and Neighborhood Plans

City Council Study Session                  12 April 2016                 Citizen Minutes

Discussion on Lifting the Ban on Retail Marijuana Sales

There are four medical marijuana (MJ) shops in Littleton right now. Continue reading


Littleton City Council Regular Meeting – 5 April 2016             Citizen Minutes

Public Comment on Consent Agenda and General Business

Jim Rees, Exec Director of LIFT (Urban Renewal Authority in Littleton) – asked the council not to pass on first reading the ordinance to abolish LIFT Continue reading

Community Conversation on Urban Renewal and Tax Increment Financing Very Interesting

March 31 Corbin Sakdol, County Assessor; Monica Babbitt, Deputy County Assessor; and Todd Weaver, Budget Management presented their perspective on urban renewal and tax increment financing to a room full of citizens.  Several people expressed a desire to have a copy of their Power Point presentation which they have provided.  Just follow the link!

Thank you to Corbin, Monica and Todd for a very interesting evening.  We are lucky to have such dedicated public servants who are looking out for the financial interests of the taxpayers of Arapahoe County.

Tax Increment Financing_Carol B

Circus is in Town! Contributed by a Reader

This is part of the $1.2 million dollar “Wayfinding” project.



CORA Request – Wonder What You Get When You Make A Request? Take A Look!

This post includes over 400 pages of emails I rec’d as the result of a CORA request. There are several duplicates of emails as a result of the trail from beginning to end is included. You might find it easier to view from the bottom up since that is the order in which they were sent. I have tried to make it easier for you by providing page numbers and the topic of the emails.  The link will open the file with all the emails and the page listing below will help you get where you want to go quicker.

Brzeczek – emails FINAL

Page 1 – CORA request Continue reading