Arapahoe County Wins on Ag Land Dispute –

Arapahoe County was sued by the City of Littleton on the inclusion of agricultural land in the Santa Fe Urban Renewal Plan.  Judge Pratt issued his ruling in favor of Arapahoe County.  To read his decision follow the link.


2 Responses

  1. […] Arapahoe County’s exclusion of the disputed land from the Santa Fe Urban Renewal plan.  (Go to to read the ruling.) What does this mean?  There’s good news and bad news.  First the good […]

    • Sorry for the delayed response….life gets in the way sometimes. What the ruling means is that the property tax and sales tax increment from those businesses in the ag land area of the Santa Fe Urban Renewal Plan area will not be diverted to LIFT. The tax increments will go to the taxing entities that are entitled to the tax dollars. Other good news is the Division of Property Taxation now has guidance about the definition of what constitutes a legal inclusion of ag land in an urban renewal plan. The City has not appealed the decision.

      The bad news – the taxpayers of Littleton and Arapahoe County spent thousands of dollars fighting this in court.

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