Jim Taylor Sinks to a New Low

Jim Taylor, former Littleton City Council Rep for District 1 and current South Suburban Board member sent the following out to his chosen.  Fortunately, his email did not hit the intended target and it was forwarded to me for posting.  You can be the judge – is this the behavior of an elected official?  Please note the time – this was sent prior to the council meeting.  The word is council member Brinkman was spreading the news that Penny was to be fired – there were four votes to do so.  That message was all that was needed to let certain council members know that there were four votes, at least according to Brinkman, to fire Penny.  Brinkman’s alarm set in motion what was to come.  If not for Brinkman’s attempt to save Penny he might still be on the job according to Clark who has publicly stated that he found out that there were four votes from Brinkman’s desperate actions to save Penny’s job. He made the motion believing what she said to be true.


From: jataylorsr@comcast.net
To: “James Taylor” <jataylorsr@comcast.net>
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016 4:59:48 PM
Subject: Need action

I need your help today.  Please see the attachment for the details.
I apologize this is getting to you so late, but it was Sunday before I was able to get much information, and my computer was down during the daytime yesterday.  My son fixed the problem last night.
This is very important, and I urge you to take action via either a phone call or an email to Mayor Beckman.  This is critical for the city, but must act by tonight.
Jim Taylor

Here’s the attachment…..

I am writing to ask for your help. I found out yesterday that our City Manager needs your support. Last Tuesday there was discussion about an outright, immediate firing of the city manager led by Doug Clark, but was delayed until tomorrow night. There is a study session and a called special city council meeting that begins with an executive session and then into a public meeting. There is a possibility that four votes to fire Michael Penney could occur in the public meeting.

Here’s what I am asking you to to: either call or email the mayor objecting to this move, and time is of the utmost essence since tomorrow night could be a critical juncture for the city. The contact information for the mayor is phone – 303-347-9141 or cell is 303-589-1940. You may not get a return call, so leave a message of objection to the dismissal of the city manager. His email address is bbeckman@littletongov.org. Your message can be very simple; here is my message to Bruce Beckman:

Dear Bruce,

I want to express my dismay at any thought of removing the city manager. I will be very blunt. If your vote is to fire Mr. Penney, I will vigorously join the effort to recall you from office.

Jim Taylor


Please contact the mayor today, tonight, tomorrow, and help spread the word with your contacts, neighbors and friends. This is a critical issue for the city.

Thank you,

Jim T

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