Denver Water Rates – Reprinted with Permission from Littleton Unfiltered

Carl Paulson came to Sunshine early this Spring asking for some help and guidance about what steps he should take to pursue the unfairness of the proposed water rates.  He wrote this article for Littleton Unfiltered.  He continues his pursuit of more reasonable water rates.

Denver Water 2016 Rate Schedule: Winners and Losers

Guest Contributor Carl Paulson

If you live in Littleton, Centennial, Greenwood Village or Cherry Hills and consume less than 125,000 gallons per year get ready for a 10% to 40% increase in your annual water bill.  However, if you are a high rate consumer, you will be the recipient of a 10% to 35% decrease in your bill.  Isn’t redistribution fun?

The 2015 rate schedule was compared to the new 2016 rate schedule for all 32,000 households. The comparison used 2014 consumption volumes from DW.  Some of the results are:

  1. Low volume residents experience a rate increase
  • 28,000 residents are faced with a 10% to 40% increase for an annual increase of $2.85 million
  • Of the above, 20,000 residents are faced with a 20% to 40% increase for an annual increase of $2.15 million
  1. High volume residents experience a decrease
  • 1,200 residents will enjoy a 10% to 35% decrease for an annual decrease of $1.22 million

So, what can be done about this?  Unfortunately, the PUC doesn’t regulate DW. The DW Board is appointed by the Mayor of Denver.  Probably the best hope for change is public outcry. Call DW (303-893-2444) and ask them to calculate your new water bill based on your 2015 and 2014 water rates. Ask them to explain the rate change. Express your opinion of the new rate schedule.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions about this issue.

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