3D Animation of the Grove – You have got to see this! What a Crime!

I don’t know who to give credit to but this is a You Tube video where someone took the gravesite for the old Sheriff’s Building and created a 3-D animation of what the Grove development will look like.  Truly a huge mistake.

This 3D animation gives a birds-eye view of just how big the visual impact this wrongfully approved project will make on Littleton.  (Posted from the Advocates for Littleton’s website.  They are fighting the zoning and of course it takes money.  Please read their update after you watch the video…..get ready!!!

This happened under Phil Cernanec’s watch – citizens addressed the council several times about the code violations only to be ignored. Continue reading

City Council Meeting 8.09.2016 Study Session on UR and Domestic Violence in Littleton

City Council Study Session          9 August 2016                 Citizen Minutes

This discussion of urban renewal was a lot of rehashing of the same topics. I am not going to try to capture every conversation but only what was new or at least not the same hum drum.    Continue reading

Who Sat on the Committee to Set the New Water Rates?

More on Water Rates from Carl Paulson

Yard size is the most important factor in water usage. I’ll add a couple more graphs. These are directly from Denver Water. I will show who was on the Rate Structure Review Committee. No one from Littleton or Centennial. Oddly, Cherry Creek had a rep.  I’ll also show the relationship between water usage and lot size, and also the number of lots at various sizes by water district. First, the reps.



Customer Count Lot Size and Distributor


The previous graph didn’t show the horizontal axis with lot size increasing to the right. Basically, it shows what we all know to be true: the largest lots are located in Cherry Hills. That’s not to say there aren’t any outside Cherry Hills, but it is a much lower percentage.


If you look back at the first graph I posted you can see that the top 445 customers will see a savings of $890,000 or $2,000 or a savings of between 20% and 40% each.
Offsetting this are the bottom 20,107 customers who will pay $2,150,000 more than they would have under the 2015 schedule. They will pay 20% to 40% more with this new schedule.
Combining the data from the scatter plot I originally posted with the tables showing yard size by DW contract and annual water consumption I have estimated the following:
Littleton residents will pay $600,000 more per year.
Cherry Hills and Greenwood Village will pay $500,000 less per year.