3D Animation of the Grove – You have got to see this! What a Crime!

I don’t know who to give credit to but this is a You Tube video where someone took the gravesite for the old Sheriff’s Building and created a 3-D animation of what the Grove development will look like.  Truly a huge mistake.

This 3D animation gives a birds-eye view of just how big the visual impact this wrongfully approved project will make on Littleton.  (Posted from the Advocates for Littleton’s website.  They are fighting the zoning and of course it takes money.  Please read their update after you watch the video…..get ready!!!

This happened under Phil Cernanec’s watch – citizens addressed the council several times about the code violations only to be ignored.

From Advocates for Littleton’s website.

Our motion for summary judgment was filed with the court back in June.  The City of Littleton filed its own motion for summary judgment around the same time.  Because the trial date is approaching  (September 1), we recently filed a joint motion with the City to vacate the trial and determine the pending case based solely on the motions for summary judgment.  Zocalo still opposes the case being decided on summary judgment and would prefer a trial.    

Today, the judge and all attorneys in the case held a pre-trial conference call. Judge Horton said that he would rule on the motions for summary judgment no later than next Friday, August 26.  The judge could rule in our favor or in Littleton’s, or could deny both motions and require the trial.  Until he makes a ruling, a courtroom will continue to be reserved for trial on September 1. 

As we near the trial date, legal costs continue to grow.  As impressive as our local fundraising effort has been so far, a single plaintiff may still be left holding the bag for upwards of $30k beyond what’s already been contributed.  A contribution of any amount will help to reduce that burden, so please consider giving what you can. 

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