Community Conversation – August 25th Traffic in Littleton with City Manager

Every wonder if there is a solution to the traffic congestion in Littleton?   Mark Relph, Interim City Manager and Public Works Director, will be at the next Community Conversation to address concerns about traffic in Littleton.  Are there solutions?  Come and join us on August 25th at 7pm (doors unlocked at 6:45) in the Connections Room, 6520 S Broadway just a couple doors south of Solid Grounds in the Southfellowship property.

We will be collecting school supplies for the children of the 244th Heavy Engineering Battalion US Army Reserves.  Please bring some of the consumables that kids need during the school year.  They are very simple needs but so important that the kids have what they need now at the beginning of the school year and later.  Below is a list of needs but we will gratefully accept any school items.  The need is great.
filler paper, 
pencils and pens, 
colored pencils, 
and some of the older kids need thumb drives.

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